Console Monster Gives 91% To Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Ratchet and Clank not only plays great, but it looks great too. The title steers towards the cartoon look and feel, but the fact that it's on the PS3 means that everything is slightly more detailed, and extremely smooth. Although on the surface the graphics may look simple, if you stop and pay close attention, gamers will notice that actually it's really quite intricate, with plenty of detail going into the characters and the environments. And in high-definition, the bright and colourful world is a joy to behold.

Ratchet and Clank has a superb weapon selection, a humorous story and characters, and intuitive game play elements. Ratchet & Clank is a great 3D platform title, with plenty to do for all ages.

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wil4hire4877d ago

The best experiences with games will always be in single player.

magera4877d ago

I do hate how lack of multiplayer is often used to mark down a game. Got this game on pre order in the uk and can`t wait to get my hands on it.

ruibing4877d ago

Yeah I know, Bioshock didn't have multiplayer and it hardly ever counted against it. The world is pretty unfair...

Foliage4877d ago

Considering how the media outlets we focus on are mostly American, can you blame them for being bias towards the American console?

You hear all these people whining about how the 360 can't sell in Japan, and they base this on how "it isn't Japanese". These are the same people that fail to question why all xbox console have failed miserably in nearly all regions outside of the US. Can it possibly be because Americans don't want to purchase a product that "isn't American"?

Maddens Raiders4877d ago

Heavenly Sword, R:FOM, Motorstorm, WarHawk, EOJ, EDS, and SuperStardust HD are no brainers. Buy 'em and love 'em. The PS2 used to call 'em *Greatest Hits.

Real gamer 4 life4877d ago

i hope Uncharted get the same reviews that rachet got.

Hapimeses4877d ago

Personally, I hope it does a little better. I'm really looking forward to Uncharted.

For a while, Assassin's Creed was top of my pile, but having learnt about some of the control options for that game, I am less than impressed, so I'm now waiting to read all the reviews before I consider buying it.

That all aside, it's good to see R&C getting another stellar review. This is a game I will be buying as soon as it hits the UK.

razer4877d ago

Got to play a lot of this game and Kameo on the 360 is better.. R&C is too linear and the textures, draw distance, etc in Kameo is far superior. Insomniac did a great job of blurring things to hide the games shortcomings..

This is my opinion and I'm sure I will be attacked by the rabid majority here that is Sony fanboys.

AllroundGamer4877d ago

i have finished Kameo long time ago, but seriosly, where do you get such jokes?? :D you just can't compare it to Ratchet, even the demo was better in every way.

razer4877d ago

It's an opinion and it's going to hard to prove one way or another..

Here let me start.. There is a nice comparison thread on Gamespy

It's still a fun game, but Kameo is better in my opinion.. Leon the only person drunk here is you on the Sony Kool-Aid. =)

ngg123454877d ago

And kameo was a linear, shorter, and worst game overall. Some puzzles were stale, and each level you only had to use 3 different types of characters varity (mostly getting these characters during each part of the quest). Even though each level was different, the variety of the puzzles resulted almost in the same way. Use the rolling dude (forgot his name), then use the ice climbing guy to get on the wall was the one mostly sed. Also the rpg system and combat moves were half baked, when you only needed to use around one move especially with pummleweed to win the game. Most characters especially in the water level were useless in all the other levels, and in almost every level pummleweed was one of my 3 characters. The game story was weak, and boring. The game was unique, and fun, but compared to R&C which is as flawless of a platformer, ever since super mario 64, is hard to even consider an equal.

ngg123454877d ago

PLease don't tell me kameo looks better :D. He is stating that the textures look better because they are muddier looking :D.

tikku4877d ago


you ARE joking right?

PlayStation3604877d ago

I too disagree with Razer's comment. I prefer Ratchet leaps and bounds over Kameo. But there is no need to bash him. He clearly stated it was his opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some of you may prefer Resistance over Halo, GT over PGR, etc... That doesn't make you right or wrong, it makes you human with your own mind. Nothing wrong with that.

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