TVG Gives 8/10 To The Witcher

Like many ambitious RPGs before it, The Witcher can occasionally be a tricky game to persevere past the frequent little shortcomings. Often gamers will have to kill time, however the necessity of discovering a campfire to rest and meditate often makes it easier for Geralt to drink himself into an oblivion and waste a few hours. Given the effort poured into The Witcher since its announcement back in 2004, it's also a little disappointing to see the same old character models repeatedly used. Gamers will often find themself walking amongst the same downtrodden paupers, twins of the clergy, and women of the night. Using AI to provide daily routines and make important NPC decisions such as where to shelter from the rain, trying to track down specific individuals can be a frustrating affair. The appearance of a 'Day 1' patch suggests the developers are well aware of such issues, so there's some hope CD Projekt can continue refining the game until it fully realises its wider potential.

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MK_Red4872d ago

Great find. Hope Witcher gets more 8s and possibly 9s.