Microsoft: IPTV not a part of Xbox Live Fall Update

Turns out those images of an Xbox 360 with IPTV were legit. In a statement issued by Microsoft, the Redmond-based company acknowledged that the IPTV features "were inadvertently exposed while the customer's console was being serviced and is unrelated to the Fall Update."

The IPTV features, according to the statement, are part of the Microsoft Mediaroom services and will be made available to service providers by the end of this year, adding that it will be up to them to decide when the service is deployed.

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wageslave4872d ago

I recall that the Xbox 360 may go out as a set-top box from cable companies. Possibly it will be "pay for service, get Xbox 360 for free" or somesuch.

No matter, there is an Internet TV beta in Windows Media Center.

Mikelarry4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

what bit of the media center cuz i dont see no tv beta on mine. i would love the iptv service but god no am i gonna get bt internet what a rip off

nobizlikesnowbiz4872d ago

If they worked out that kinda deal with cable companies it's a sealed deal for MS. They win, end of story.

Not saying thats a good thing.

SmokeyMcBear4872d ago

riiiggghhhttttt... ok, so basically every home has cable access.. now you are asking people to pay for a service that they most likely already get reliably to their home, on a piece of hardware that has such a high failure rate.. surree.. the only they this should work is doing it like sony is in europe, a free service that you can use if you like or not.

ichimaru4872d ago

iptv??? is this like tivo

Mikelarry4872d ago

i think so. go to you tube theres a video that discusses what iptv is about.

power of Green 4872d ago

Its a Tv service tool for cable providers(digital cable the way it was suppose to be).

I don't think most people that knew anything about it ever thought the service itself was coming with channel packages this dashboard update but the protocals were coming this update MSFT is not a cable provider.

cow moolester4872d ago

IPTV is over the internet digital TV.You can watch,pause,rewind and record live tv in SD or HD all while chatting to your friends etc. Sounds great...I'm upgrading to BT 8mb tomorrow for it :)

Mighty Boom4872d ago

When will the Fall update be released?

brothersimon4872d ago

Fall? Nobody knows an official date.

Gina-get-u4871d ago

How much does anybody wanna bet that this "inadvertent exposure" wasn't a deliberate publicity stunt as part of a viral promotion campaign for MS Mediaroom on the 360?

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