The Top 7... Worst jobs for game characters

GamesRadar writes:
"Everyone wants to be a hero. We don't play games to come in second or fawn over other people's abilities - no, we play to win. To conquer. To finish first. That's why all of our favorite characters have such fantastic jobs, from secret agent to bounty hunter to professional demon eater. But what about those poor bastards who make the video game world possible?

They get the shit jobs, of course. They're all unremarkable slobs who've failed to stand out in any way whatsoever. That's why they're digging our bottomless pits and cleaning up our messes. If you were to peruse one of the "Help Wanted" ads for the gaming world, it would be a dark, desperate list of jobs so awful that no one in their right mind would accept them.

But somebody has to. And these are the worst." The video is from the Mortal Kombat part of article.

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MK_Red4872d ago

Wow, was expecting everything but MK!

"Job description: To die. Turnover rate extremely high"

BaMYouRDeaD4871d ago

Haha, good stuff. Funniest one was "first-level boss".

P.S. About the Big Daddies....I actually thought they were a challenge on medium and especially hard difficulty. Gamesradar must have been playing the game on easy the whole time =P