How to Make Halo 3 Multiplayer More Accessible to Newbs

It's been a little bit over a month since Halo 3 shipped to generally overwhelming acclaim and record-breaking sales. So it's a good time to look back at what was said in the May 29th-31st edition of the Vs. Mode exchange with MTV News reporter Stephen Totilo on the multiplayer beta for Halo 3. Back then, not having played much in the way of competitive or cooperative multiplayer shooters, people bemoaned the lack of a friendly introduction to the various online game modes in the Halo series. Today's excerpt focuses on some of the suggestions made as to how Bungie could make Halo 3 multiplayer more accessible to newbs.

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d3l33t4869d ago

you shouldn't HAVE to make it 'More Accessible' to noobs, that would be a FAIL on the Software Engineer's part.

Funky Town_TX4869d ago

I have a friend that hates Halo online. He gets a$$ raped every time he plays.

Daxx4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

It's not Bungie's fault that people suck at the multiplayer. Actually Halo 3 is even more newb friendly than Halo 2.

Me being a level 35 at lone wolves (a respectable level to say the least )your skills are only as good as your rank. And the match making system makes it so that you are playing with people of your own skill level.

okcomputer4869d ago

What else could they possibly do to make it more noob friendly? The matchmaking system works perfectly to line players up by skill level. Just like anything else in life the only way to get more out of it and increase your skill is to just play the game.

MattFoley4869d ago

Hear that its the whaaaaambulance. Practice is for social matchmaking.