E for All: Sid Meier's Civilization Revolutions Hands-On

The PC iterations of Civilization were never made to push the envelope in terms of horsepower (so that even the most arcane of PCs could run it), resulting in relatively basic animations and graphics, explains Caudhill. The move to consoles, however, levels the technical playing field, and 2K decided to let its artists "run amok." The animations are over the top, and the character designs are overly exaggerated, an attempt to "show that gamers can play a strategy game and still have fun," says Caudhill. Volumetric fog and eroded terrain are other aesthetic improvements found in Revolutions, additions that may creep into future PC versions.

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Hapimeses4867d ago

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I'll be buying this. Both my wife and I love Civ, and both of us prefer console gaming to PC gaming, so this is pretty much a must.