Epic Games forums hacked

Users of Epic Games forums have been informed by e-mail this morning that the forums have been hacked and that there was potential for users' passwords to be compromised and so steps have been taken to stop any further compromises.


Apologies to those who have noted that this is a duplicate story, but I can't do anything now that it's been approved. Honestly did not think anyone had posted it up on here yet. First story here:

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Simonkey752740d ago

It may have started with Sony, but with Nintendo, Codemasters and now this it's beginning to look like the hackers have got a vendetta against the games industry - or they think they're easy targets with lousy security...

milliways2740d ago

Either way, it's gone beyond ridiculous now.

captain-obvious2740d ago

lets see how cliffy b is going to troll now
i bet he'll be soo butt hurt he'll be trolling hackers from now on

zootang2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I think this has come back to bite a lot of people in the butt and rightly so. Although I wish this on no one.

RankFTW2740d ago

I wonder if these hackers were working with Cliffy B?

Winter47th2740d ago

This just goes to show you how cyber criminals can practically get away with anything in this day and age. Teh internetz needs some sort of Law & Order shit.

GrieverSoul2740d ago

lol at Blesinsky saying they shoul cooperate with hackers instead of pissing them.


On topic, these guys are in it for their own gain. Either for money or just for fun, its their agenda.

sdtarm2740d ago

so are you gonna embrace them now cliffy?

I_find_it_funny2740d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

go back to hacking Scientologists servers

leave video games alone you f___s

SilentNegotiator2739d ago

"Generally speaking when it comes to hackers, you want to embrace a lot of what they are doing instead of fighting it. I think the industry is slowly learning that." - Cliffy B

He will change his mind now that it has affected him and not just Sony. He always shapes his opinion to down Sony and raise anything else.

DragonKnight2739d ago

Where's gamingdroid and the "I lovez teh hackerz" army now?

I hope all of these recent attacks will show people that hackers don't give a damn who they attack and they have no "honorable motive" in doing so. These losers do it because they want to, they think it's fun, and they get away with it because of morons like Cliffy B who think we should "work with hackers."

There is no honor among criminals, and that's what these losers are.

Theonetheonly2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

cliffy b wears makeup.

catguykyou2739d ago

If you have a company and you want the best security possible, wouldn't you want to make sure it has no holes? I think what Cliff was stating before is, the industry needs to learn to work with legit "hackers". The ones you can talk with and hire to point out all the holes in your system so that it can be fixed. Not the ones going around doing whatever the f they want. I also think hes saying you shouldn't be antagonizing them, almost challenging them to try and hack you.

I think it is pretty good that they detected the intrusion, fixed the issue, reset the passwords, and gave notice to all the users affected within a few hours of it happening. That shows they were prepared for this type of scenario.

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lodossrage2740d ago

Don't forget they got Square two weeks back. And that's actually the second time Codemasters was hacked.

It's funny because wasn't Cliff B just saying people should work WITH hackers? Then they go and mess with his company?

I wonder what his opinion is now.

Rageanitus2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Hackers hacked Citi bank the other day it was on the news... if they can hack it they will come

DarkTower8052739d ago

I wonder if congress is going to demand an explanation from Citigroup like they did from Sony. I doubt it.

catguykyou2738d ago

I wonder if citi group will sit on the fact that they were hacked for over a week without notifying their customers. I then wonder, if they will go down for 1 month costing other companies millions of dollars.

Sony made mistakes. They have acknowledged this and apologized.

elmaton982740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

This is the hacker's era, I mean seriously, everything is getting hacked from small business to big companies. (this its getting out of control)

bozebo2740d ago

Most software developers have no idea how to protect their software from security exploits. Furthermore, loads of people and companies are using old software which is full of security holes.

Also, all current versions of windows server can be reliable hacked remotely - which puts about 90% of business LANs at risk.

The hackers are not smart, they are just exploiting other people's idiocy.

MinusTheBear2740d ago

The whole internet is still running on old framework invented in the 1980s. Thats why nothing will ever be secure on it.

graemed-ps32739d ago

@minusthebear, that makes absolutely no sense!

Paradicia2740d ago

The forums are still up and people are posting :/

thorstein2740d ago

OMG! They should have told us. My personal info was hacked. They were too slow. I am suing. Whine whine whine. Epic sucks. They didn't have had the latest software update.

killcycle2739d ago

so someone hacks Epic games's forum and all of a sudden it HAS to be related to Sony's situation?

TheTwelve2739d ago

Seems hackers have embraced Cliffy.


Karum2739d ago

Citi, the bank was hacked too. Sony just seem to have got the most publicity with the PSN hack.

50Terabytespersec2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

nothing is secure NOTHING!!!
What basically allows you to access through Root or Admin oreven
users; will always "allow". So there fore if something is set to allow it will always be "connected to a command or network"
If we rely on technology to do everything we rely on its openness to us and it will be opened LOL..

Technology Dehumanizes and it is in itself a self defeating prophecy.
But why Gaming??
i have a few idea why but why not REDBOX or, other companies that put people out of jobs , especially those automated engineering companies?? who design so many robots to out work humans??
Guess we have to wait for a time machine for that one!!! LMAO
humanity has a hell of a deli ma on its hands..
Bank tellers, insurance middlemen,grocery store workers, postal delivery sorters,etc....oh well game on!!!

parasit32739d ago

This is the sign of 2012 Apocalypse.

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SuperLupe2740d ago

Its getting out of control.

Lou-Cipher2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Didn't Cliffy B just say that "You have to work with the hacker community"

Dont work with hackers, just piss on their graves.

Hackers truly are the scum of the earth.

Eu2740d ago

I was about to write about that...wheres your love now Cliffy??? Its fun when its not with you...

elmaton982740d ago

You're right and I'll gladly do that

Inception2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

wow, MS really pay cliffy a lot to say ridiculous line. and now those hackers that cliffy 'love' so much are hacking his forums!?

Bnet3432739d ago

Not all hackers are scum of the earth. Hacking is the same as There are people called white hat hackers, who hack for the good of things. Do your research next time.

Karum2739d ago

The hacking community he was talking about isn't the criminal sort, more the enthusiast that merely wants to tinker and add functionality much like those who would root their Android phone to run certain kinds of apps like Titanium Backup which is so much more in depth than the conventional data backup apps available.

Another example is the crowds of people hackinf Kinect and making it do all that cool stuff way beyond what game developers are doing and who MS said they would be supporting.

The hackers you're talking about aren't the ones Cliffy-B would have been speaking of like I have mentioend above. You're talking about criminals and anarchists and in relation to those people I agree with you but you can't make a comment like you just did and expect to be taken seriously, you're lumping 2 different groups of people into the one group which is wrong.

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GrumpyVeteran2740d ago

I got an email from both Codemasters & Epic Games today. Both having been hacked. Surprised that they both got attacked on the same day.