Nintendo Responds to Playstation Vita Also Being $250

In an interview with Nintendo conducted by Gamasutra, when asked how they feel the Vita’s price point would effect the Nintendo 3DS and if they think the 3DS’ price is too high, Nintendo of America’s senior director of corporate communications, Charlie Scibetta responded:

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snipermk03757d ago

Mmmkay nintendo.. If you say so.. 0.o

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BrianG3756d ago

Ha, right.

Reggi is funny, I saw his interview with Adam Sessler and the other guy from G4 (Don't watch it much anymore, to many "Cops").

Reggi said the price isn't a concern since Nintendo offers "experiences". But doesn't Sony as well? Also Reggi is the only president out of the Big Three who openly discusses the competition "copying" Nintendo. Why be so unprofessional, just admit that others are doing what you did, better, just as your doing things others have done, but better.

You don't invent everything Reggi.

abc12333756d ago

Reggi seems like a douche, did you see the way he tried to shout down Adam?

BrianG3756d ago

Definitely did.

It seemed Adam wasn't exactly satisfied with the answers he was giving either.

I believe 3 or 4 important question were answered with "experiences" offered by Nintendo.

50Terabytespersec3756d ago

who is playing these tiny crap, eye glaring straining Low res hand helds??
little kids in elementary school !
and stop please stop advertising this crap as HD or 3d ! it is very bad marketing.
you want 3d it's gonna cost you! you want HD its gonna cost you!
hand Helds are for little kids to shut up while their parents are busy zoning out and eating and having more kids. lol.
hand helds . next Gen please!!!
Nintendo wheres the true next successor to the N64?? SGI workstation (Donky Kong Country SGI!!!!! state of the art??
Come on !!! give us a real game system!

MEsoJD3756d ago

Being at the same price is very dangerous for Nintendo. Parents will most likely buy the regular DS and the hardcore are going to see the Vita as the better deal.

Sony has the better hardware and software at the same price lol.

I think a price drop is inevitable.

schlanz3756d ago

A price drop is certainly inevitable. Nintendo will certainly have the software to back up the system but they can't justify the price when the superior tech is the same price.

Of course, they will deny this inevitability until its ready to happen. They wouldn't risk having consumers knowing its coming and waiting to purchase it later at a lower price.

One thing they probably will do before lowering the price is offering bundles for the same or close price.

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Legion3756d ago

"We certainly wouldn’t change our strategy or our approach based on what a competitor is doing." ~Charlie Scibetta

Glad this guy is not on the battle field. He would be attacking the opposition while they see themselves being flanked, all the while saying... We are certainly not going to change our strategy or our approach based on what they are doing.... Charge!

mac_sparrow3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

Well said bubble for you sir.

Companies that do not react die, just ask Woolworths, or ask HMV how they're feeling.

turgore3756d ago

Apparently we are more knowleadgeable in business than that guy. Seriously Nintendo, did your execs even go to business school ?

Legion3756d ago

Yes... it seems like lately that common sense no longer exists.

“Common sense is not so common.” ~Voltaire

"Everything's fine today, that is our illusion.” ~Voltaire

thesummerofgeorge3756d ago

Yikes.... What a daft thing to say, Scibetta.

"...calculate and adapt to the enemy to determine the matter of doing battle" - Sun Tzu

Redgehammer3755d ago

"Sun Tzu said that, and I'd say he knows a little bit more about fighting than you do, pal, because he invented it, and then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor."

jack_burt0n3756d ago

You guys been playing plenty Total War series i see :)

Legion3756d ago

Ha... maybe Scibetta should have been playing some too. Then he would have realized the err of his words prior to the interview?

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Inside_out3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

Nintendo is the cheapest console and handheld maker ever. The greed they show is unprecedented in gaming. People like to talk about M$ but M$ has said many times they envy Nintendo. Put out far FAR inferior products with some dumb gimmick and charge a premium for it. My guess is the wii costs about $25-30 to make and sell...the ds even less. The 3Ds was built with 2003 tech...sorry, they deserve to have their stock go down as it has and maybe if they lose more money they will stop ripping everyone off...I doubt it tho.

GodofSackboy3756d ago

Finally a comment with sense, so sick of DBags around here saying "buh buh buh it has Zelda and Mario, that alone makes it the best console" and i think I dont give a FvCK about those kids games, Nintendos crap is well overpriced and they need to get a kick up the arse this gen so they make a decent system next gen

madpuppy3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

Finally! a few people who get it. first off all of nintendo's "innovations" kinda suck. dual screens blah...3D, frankly, I prefer keeping my eyes healthy.
And the absolute worst thing about Nintendo is it's lack of imagination, the only games they make are rehashes of the same titles every year!! C'mon!! how hard could it be for the "genius" Miyamoto to make something completely new?? (well, after Wii-music I don't think Nintendo lets him handle sharp objects anymore.

one more thing: "M$ has said many times they envy Nintendo."
That is really not a complement.

blackburn103756d ago

I agree fully. I hate it when everyones defense is 'Well everyone will buy it anyway'. That excuse makes it seem like you are boasting about how mindless your fanbase is. It's like your trying to say Nintendo couldn't sell squat unless you threw Mario and Zelda behind it. The 3DS is a perfect example. It's sales are lagging and people are questioning it's value and the only comfort people come up with is ' it will sell more once it gets a Mario game and a price cut'. I personally am tired of Nintendo's tired old strategies.

Miyamoto used to be so inventive and innovative. He wasn't afraid to make lots of new IPs and take risks. Now it's 'MARIO KART......3D' that most likely is a close copy of some Mario Kart game for a former system with the same tracks and filled with characters like Baby Mario, Piranha plant, Koopa Jr and crappy filler characters like that. I have tried to give Nintendo a chance by buying the Gamecube and DS but it's pointless. I was a Nintendo fanboy once but never again.VITA all the way

DarkBlood3756d ago

makes you the fanboys of sony till they run out of ideas making more games in the series they have zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzz

AWBrawler3755d ago


Calm down! Is that baby cranky?!

Seriously dude. Nintendo's name has become synonymus with hanhelds. Keep in mind Parents will be buying this, and Parents want the one with E rated games and "Safe" games. ie/ the Mario and Pokemon games.
So adults will buy the Vita, but the kids (who outnumber us, mind you) will be getting 3DS.
Why do you guys think better hardware means better sales in the video game world?
I dare anybody here to name me one time when the more technically advanced console came out on top!

Cheaper to develop for means more "shovelware" as you call it, that dear old mom and dad see as a great gift for their child or children

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rexbolt3756d ago

WRRRONG cheapest? nintenods stuff are made to last unlikc sony stuff and 3ds bein cheap? um u do no it is a pritty powerful system filled with feathures right the heck r u smokeing

manna3756d ago

i think u shld redirect tht question to urself cos clearly ur spelling and typing skills are quite off....i think the VITA will do quite fine against the 3ds, and please comparing the vita to 3ds is like comparing a canoe to a submarine

Redgehammer3755d ago

I will tell you a cold hard fact I learned 20 years ago,on the BBS'. The majority of people don't care about sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, spelling, or grammar in general. Good luck, but there is nothing you can do to change that.

Hozi893756d ago

Thank God you think with your brain. Gosh, I was beginning to feel that Nintendo had brain-washed all gamers. They release outdated tech with very limited innovation and and mediocre/repetitive games and expect everyone to jump on it.

kratos1233756d ago

No there still some of us left that can think clearly

Brasi823756d ago

I love all the fanboy hate towards Nintendo. So basically by your "thought process" if I make something that cost me $50 to make I should sell it for $55. Also about Nintendo "ripping everyone off", how about the horrible failure rate of the 360 and the PS3 removing key features in there products and there recent PSN failure? Everyone has the strengths and weaknesses, Nintendo decides to turn a profit on every system sold, which is how a business is suppose to work. Get over it, X-Box charges for online connection and Sony is the largest greed machine in the world with electronics chain. You guys aren't even worth trying to counter as you will all come up with your own dumb fanboy responses.

mantisimo3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

It's not blind fanboy hate dear Brassier, I bought a wii day 3 (couldnt get one for love nor money day 1)

Played it for a month or two, waited for the next large franchise game to come out played it for a week have now sent it to the kids room and they ignore it and play xbox upstairs and PS3 downstairs. They don't play on their dsi's anymore or their psp's.

I lost interest in Nintendo ages ago and was a fan for years but fed up of the same old same old just with new graphics or controllers.

Now the vita with its high quality graphics, connectivity possibilities and most importantly 2 control sticks is finally the way to mobile game. 3 pre-ordered here.

MasterCornholio3756d ago

A little harsh with your comment but you make a good point. Nintendo always sells their hardware for a profit which means that for 250 Euros you cant expect the level of hardware that the Vita provides. And that happens because Sony are selling the Vita for a loss which means that to the customer they are getting more than what they paid for.

Just 2 different marketing strategies one that plays it safe while the other takes a risk.

Regardless they are both good handhelds with a ton of exclusives on each so in the end the one you buy depends on whether you like Nintendo Franchises or Sony ones.

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Fishy Fingers3756d ago

3DS will get a decent price cut just before the PSV launch.

mac_sparrow3756d ago

Naturally, all according to the "long term pre-arranged plan".

madpuppy3756d ago

and the Vita will still be a better value.

killcycle3756d ago

the psp 1000 can handle more then the 3DS.
Thats utter terrible.

rexbolt3756d ago

killcycle sir are a fool point blank psp 2000 can handle more? oh really have u even sen the spects or the games 3ds can produce? did u forget that the psp dident even suport oline play? 2 games dont count as online suport

Biggest3756d ago

Did you just say "online support isn't online support" and mean it? That's too much crazy to reason with.

VampiricDragon3756d ago

Its refreshing to see a rep being mature and not saying anything about another system

'We are doing what we are doing, and they are what they are. Thats it"

its refreshing.