GT5 Prologue vs Forza 2 Video Comparison

Side by side video comparison of the recently released demo of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on PS3 and the full game Forza Motorsport 2 that was released a while back on Xbox 360. Videos were taken with the same settings, same track, and same positioning on track. Which looks better in your opinion?

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ReBurn4867d ago

I don't see where Forza and GT are the same type of game. Forza doesn't seem to be trying to be a pure simulator like GT is.

shmee4867d ago

GT5 looks just too realistic to be compared to Forza 2.

damn even the demo beats Forza 2 by milesss

shmee4867d ago

anyone who praises GT5 is not nasim

GT5 demo looks better and there is no denying that

Panthers4867d ago

im pretty sure he is, but who cares. And Nasim would praise any game not on 360.

JPomper4867d ago

This statement really doesn't make much sense. Forza 2 is light years ahead of GT in terms of realism.

JPomper4867d ago

Also, if you ill-informed people are going to disagree with me, you should post a message explaining why you're wrong.

sticky doja4867d ago

In reguards to schmee, I think he is nasim. I said the other day that I thought nasim was getting paid by Sony and he responded by saying that nasim was a PS3 developer and had all this inside info on nasim, so yah. He is probably nasim with a few more bubbles.

mesh14867d ago

AFFTER THSI AVIDEO COMPARISON i dont wana hear any ps3 fanboy talkign about gt5 as offorza clearly looks better and plays like a real drving sim as gt5 seems to be some very odd its like its soooo stiff the cars are all moving soslowly not to mention the tracks look bland even they used the crappiest car on forza and it still looks muile sbetter than gt5.

TheSadTruth4867d ago


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ruibing4867d ago

I don't know about the realism of the physics, but the graphics of GT 5 is a lot more realistic than that of Forza 2.

When it comes to comparing graphics, GT 5 has already won hands down with 60fps of this kind of graphics at 1080p. Forza 2 runs on 720p.

bennyace4867d ago

For a game that was suppose to make forza 2 look like a cartoon because of it's life like graphics and all... I'm not that impressed ! Even if forza was released 6 months ago !

socomnick4867d ago

What kind crack are you smoking Forza 2 is light years ahead of gt in terms of physics. For gods sake in gt you can bounce yourself around corners to get faster lap times. Forza is way more advanced that gt.

SlappyMcTaint4867d ago

xbots will ball-gargle Forza and PS3 people will gush about GT5.

GT5 pwns Forza anyway!!

deifen4866d ago


"This statement really doesn't make much sense. Forza 2 is light years ahead of GT in terms of realism."

You mean the need to explain themselves? seems like you didnt really expound upon your premise either, ya dumb a$$

reaferfore204866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

If I remember correctly Forza Motorsports for the original Xbox was made to directly compete with GT. They're not exactly the same type of game but they're pretty close. I don't understand how people can say one game looks better than the other with these crappy SD videos that do absolutly no justice to either of these games running at full resolution. I've played both of these games on a 1080i tv and I can say with out a doubt that GT5 is better in the graphical department. The physics on the other hand are debatable since I've only played GT5P with a controller, and Forza with a racing wheel. Also you can't tune your cars in Prologue so there's no real way to see the accuracy in that aspect either.

godofthunder104866d ago

how stupid can fanboys get.they fight over what system has the better graphics,and not 1 of them will tell the truth,they will always say that the one that's on the system they have is better.
they all act like a bunch of nerds with no life.i'll admit that i play games some but i'm not going to fight over a kids game system like they do,and i have other things to do instead of play games all day and fight over them.they need to take my advice ,if they don't start living soon instead of sitting on a chair fighting over a game then they will die a nerd with no family.
if they were smart like they act,then they would know that they need both systems to play all the good games.i'm also tired of hearing that the ps3 has 50% or more power then the 360 because it's a lie.the majority of programers said that they are so close in power that people want even be able to tell the difference ,the only ones that keeps claiming that the ps3 is a lot more powerful then the 360 is sony and the sony fanboys.and here is just 1 article of many that i've read,this one comes from where someone wrote to a guy that calls his self the sony pro and this is his answer.

Q Could you tell me if the quality of the graphics vary much between the forthcoming PS3 and the Xbox 360?


OK, so apparently this is all anyone cares about, so I'll readdress the issue.

I answered the same question a couple months ago, so here's the breakdown:

Sony claims that the PS3 and its Cell processor are way ahead of the Xbox 360 in technology, but the truth of the matter is that both consoles are quite comparable in terms of raw power. The multi-core Cell processor is clocked at 3.2 GHz. and the Xbox 360's Xenon has three cores and is also clocked at 3.2 GHz. Both consoles have a total of 512 MB of RAM, and Sony gets a little advantage with a 550 MHz GPU compared to the 500 MHz of the 360. And Sony also boasts that the PS3 can perform 1.8 TFLOPS (tera Floating Point Operations per Second), whereas the 360 can perform 1.0 TFLOPS, but, it actually evens out as the 360 has more memory bandwidth.

It all sounds complicated, but really, the two consoles are very similar in pure power. But the biggest difference in graphics is in the output. The PS3 (the $600 model) has HDMI out for digital output in 1080p, and Blu-ray discs can potentially store more than 20 times more data than the Xbox 360 DVD drive. But, considering how many people actually own 1080p capable TV sets, most people will not get that extra bonus and, in actuality, only the HD enthusiasts will really be able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p.

That said, I have seen lots of gameplay from both consoles, and can say that graphics are rather similar. I would probably give Sony the slight nod judging by games like Heavenly Sword and Motor Storm, but Stranglehold and Gears looked damn good on 360. Tough call

Since then, nothing has really changed. Aside from rumors of slight PS3 processor downgrades, both systems are very close in graphical capabilities.

Though we have had a little hands-on time with a few PS3 games, and some editors here claim sharper textures on the PS3. But others have seen frame rate issues on the PS3 as well. I think it's still early to knock or praise Sony either way, but we still hold fast to the belief that both consoles will be very similar in terms of graphics.

Have a Sony question?

i'm tired of hearing sonyfanboys say that microsoft and bill gates doesn't care about their coustermers and only cares about makeing money because a few years ago bill gates donated 24 billion dollars to help the poor with medicle care and he donates billions of dollars every years to help the poor in some kind of way and that's a fact,so i don't see how fanboys could lie their a**es off about a man who donates more money then anybody in the world,the only reason that i could think of is jealously.
i'm all so tired of hearing about the red rings of death because microsoft gave everyone a 3 year warrinty unlike sony years ago with the ps1 and ps2 when they had all kind of trouble with them and they didn't do a damn thing about it.
the reason that the 360 became a problem is because of the internet.every body in the world was on the internet when the 360 came out so everyone was talking about it and some sony fanboys was even lieing about it because i read where someone posted that he was playing his 360 and all of a sudden it stop so he hit the eject button but it didn't work so he pryed it open and he said that the disc got so hot that it melted all over the inside of the 360,well if you have any brains you will know that he was lieing because the 360 would've shut down or caught on fire first before that happend and to top that off it takes more then the heat of a 360 to melt a disc because you need real high temperture to melt it and i read a lot more like this,some was even more stupid then this.
i had to go through 5 ps in less then a year and a half and i had to go through 3 ps2 in 1 year,because it kept saying can't read disc even if you had a new system and game and sony didn't do a damn thing about it.the reason why it wasn't a big deal is because when they came out with them they didn't hardly have anyone on the internet and if they did have the whole world on it like it is now, then the same thing that happend to the 360 would've happend to the ps
i'm not saying that the ps3 isn't a good system because it is but it's not god and the 360 does somethings better then the ps3 and the ps3 does somethings better then the 360.
so all the fanboys need to stop acting childish because they are makeing an a** of themselfs.they act as if they will get a % of sales from sony and microsoft,well i'm sorry to bust their bubble but they want receive a damn dime.i know that fanboys from both sides will disagree with me because it's the truth and it's not what they want to hear about their systems but every thing that i write is the truth,just check up on bill gates and you will see how much money he could also check how many people was on the internet 8 to 10 years ago and compare it to day and you would see a real big difference of people on the net now compared to years ago.the same thing is true about some sony fanboys lieing about the 360 because they had some 360 fanboys to lieing about the ps3 and every body knows that.
like i said fanboys will disagree and have a smart a** remark about me saying i'm wrong about the 360 or ps3 and act like they know every thing and programers don't but all they are doing is makeing an a** of themselfs like they all ways i said above you need both systems to play all the good games and stop critizing the system that you dont have because they both are damn good system and just enjoy your system and games because that's what matters the most so it don't matter what system you own,just enjoy it.

exhaustnote4866d ago

Slightly off-topic, since this is about the graphics. I know that Prologue is only a demo version, but thus far I'm highly unimpressed with the physics in the game. Even if you turn off all the assists, the cars don't do a lot of what real cars do. For me an arcade game like PGR4 does a better job of giving gamers the perception of physics without trying as hard at GT does.

Back to graphics, I'll be interested to see how GT5's Nurburgring turns out. That would be a great comparison against Forza 2 and PGR4.

Dareaver14866d ago

now let's see, tire marks (whoops) only forza has, then let's see umm on gt the car bobbed up and down like a minivan, some people get motion sickness that way, they really need to reduce that, and GT5 has an un-natural color palette, like the grass for example, it's either green or not, no transitions. I'm sorry, but the world is not that perfect. My car doesn't have that much noticeable bobbing with it's stock suspension setup, and my car is a 93' Honda Civic EX. I would doubt a mazda would either seeing as though mazda prides itself on it's cars handling characteristics. But only true car nuts might know that. and umm, forza's demo had tire marks, more realistic smoke and dirt, and they had a better sense of speed.

if they really wanted to show something, they should of put the forza demo vs. gt5 prologue. That would of made more sense.

JsonHenry4866d ago

GT5 - The car looks better, the grass looks better, did I mention the cars look better?

Forza 2 - The background looks better, the soft shadows looks good (GT5 does not seem to have soft shadows or even diffused lighting) and the asphalt looks better.

But it is all about the cars for me - in this RARE case the PS3 wins in my opinion.

But then again when the new PGR game comes out - lets do this comparison again with all three.

MADGameR4866d ago

Just by the first 10 seconds I saw the video.

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shmee4867d ago

everyone knows this KID here.

multiple accounts creator to bash ps3 and approve all the negative stories about PS3

mirroredderorrim4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

I don't know if Bill Gates is really a nice guy or not. The fact of the matter is this is about GT5 VS Forza. This is obviously a display of graphical prowess. Would you mind keeping your MS preaching down?

Any moron with hundreds of millions of dollars or billions can donate and have the money written off. It's how rich people stay rich, aside from investments and such, but I guess you can see money donated as charity funds is also an investment in itself. Still what does this all got to do with how great GT5 looks over Forza?

Not much at all.

Neurotoxin4867d ago

*Yawn* Driving games are just plain Dull, its like actually watching Grand Prix On TV, except you paid 40 quid for it.

Burnout at least is interesting as you crash the SH*T out of everything, and lets be honest, the only thing interesting about Racing IS when a crash happens.

But to keep on topic, I suppose Forza looks a bit better in respect to the actually track, but the rest goes to GT.

cherdman4867d ago

That's why you should be playing PGR 4...

Neurotoxin4867d ago

Got a PS3 mate, so thats not gonna happen lol.

Shankle4867d ago

Totally agree with you mate. I don't see the attraction of these racing sims. They're just boring. The only racing games I've enjoyed have been burnout, motorstorm, mariokart and crash team racing. I think my fave is motorstorm. It's not as fast as burnout but has much better tracks and a great range of vehicles.

Oh, whoops, I nearly forgot my all time favourite racer! Mashed! It was largely overlooked but 4 player mashed is fantastic fun.

mighty_douche4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

of these 'comparisons' now. if you have a 360 get fonza, got a ps3 get GT, got both, then get both. or dont get either.

but please dont pi55 and moan about the differences in 2 different games because their on 2 different consoles. both are great at what they do.

Sangheili854867d ago

I like how they compared the same track thats awesome. However i don't know why he used such a crappy car in Forza and a nice car in GT. I do like how the road has more detail in Forza as more tire tracks and dirt. However the lighting in GT looks better. I have Forza and I'll admit is has some jaggie lines some times. I hear GT has like none.

To be honest this video doesn't do a good job showing how much better GT looks. Not saying Forza looks as good or better which we know it doesn't but the video is low quality.

Hey Reburn i don't know if you've ever played Forza but I've played GT1 - 4 and Forza 1 and 2. I think Forza is a little more of a Pure Driving Simulator then GT is. Both are damn near the same.