Rockstar Sending Out Official Boxart

Rockstar has started sending out dummy boxes for it's upcoming title GTA IV. The boxes are being sent out to the press and to retailers with the official box art for the regular version of the game. There's one hitch. There's a letter enclosed in the package stating there will be a fourth design to complete the set. There's no hint at what the fourth box art will look like though. Images of official boxes attached.

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HeartlesskizZ4872d ago

so we can choose which art to get?

mighty_douche4872d ago

just pick up the case with the box art you choose and take it to the spotty dude behind the counter.

LSDARBY4872d ago

I hope not, those are boring. They should stick to the classic. With loads of pictures in squares.

SafeRat4872d ago

I was just seconds away from posting this myself :( lol

skynidas4872d ago

i dont like any of that boxarts lets wait and see how it will be the fourth one

Lightning Mr Bubbles4872d ago

One console please sieze to exist. I hate having to share games with other consoles. I like PS3 but they lost GTA exclusivity. So I don't care if XBOX 360 totally takes over, as long as one console does take over.

I hate multi platform, I like for games to have a signature console.

vgn244872d ago

If there was only one platform, games and the hardware would be priced insanely. Plus, the hardcore gamer and people who automatically root for underdogs will never let that happen. There will always be at least two hardware companies, regardless who they are.

This is because a second option will always be chosen by some if only to buck the trend.

b777conehead4872d ago

lighting pick the console of your choice and enjoy the game so what if its on the other systems. we need compitition in everythang

Lightning Mr Bubbles4872d ago

I would go with the girl one. There actually pretty weak, they look like the posters that should be on the game manual not the official box art.

InMyOpinion4871d ago

Because you are a girly-man. Just like your avatar shows.

Hey, man-baby! GTAIV is rated M for mature, not GM for girly-men!

Hasta la vista, baby!

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The story is too old to be commented.