GameStop's Redemption: 7 Things GameStop Can Do To Stop Sucking

From the article: "[N]ot all is well with the world's largest video game retailer. Over the years they have slowly been ostracizing the hardcore gamers of the world with insulting business practices and annoying employees. So here are seven suggestions to the GameStop brass on how to fix the problems with your store. Maybe they'll ignore them, but look at what has happened to the big players in your own industry after Nintendo ignored gamers in 1996 and how Sony is doing the same today.

Number 7. Stop hiring idiots."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4872d ago

stop ripping people off on the trade inns. There going price for new releases is $25. People pay $65 for those game.

They think that while games went up in price this gen by $10, that they can still give you the same as last gen for them. Maybe even less.

C_SoL4872d ago

#8 should be....Stoping hiring a$$holes.....everytime i go to my local gamestop there always being di< must be that their job sucks and they get stressed out or there just di<ks 24/7....

ionace4871d ago

well having worked in retail myself, i can tell you it's usually because you're sick of stupid customers, or in this case ignorant parents so its kind of normal tho that doesnt necessarily justify it

but ya gamestop is generally speaking a s4ithole

witchking4871d ago

I totally agree on the trade ins. I've stopped trading things in there and sell them on eBay instead. Most of the time you can get 2x or 3x via eBay than what GameStop will give you. It's a rip off.

ReBurn4872d ago

Train employees to stop favoring consoles. It is not the job of the retail employee to try to influence peoples' purchasing decisions. If I go into Gamestop and ask for a PS3 game, don't tell me that the Xbox 360 version is better or vice versa. I've done my homework. I know what I want. So don't patronize me.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4872d ago

I never sensed that the employees where fanboys. But I guess every gamestop employee is different.

lonestarmt4872d ago

oo man, I agree. I tried to get wild arms 5, and the guy kept on telling me I should buy mass effect. I told him I didn't have a 360 and he insisited I should just for this game. I told him, I know about it and I'm not sure on it, and he just rolls his eyes, o you, your one of those Jap guys. Gamestop, stop hiring @$$ holes.

fopums4872d ago

the gamestop in spokane is full of fanboys, and who would have guessed thats its the heavy set middle aged guys who blab about Halo constantly....ugh

there is actualy a pretty girl who works there that knows more about games then any of the clowns who work with her.

I asked what games she was waiting for and she said MGS4, Mass Effect and well...whatever WoW thing around the corner.

they should employ gamers there, not loser fanboys with bad facial hair who give other gamers a bad image.

and yes that trade in stuff is ridiculous, though lets be honest, its good for the developers for us to fund them and not gamestop....

ReBurn4872d ago

It depends on the location. There are 6 Gamestops in my immediate area. Of the 6 there are only two where they don't try to influence my decisions.

ruibing4872d ago

Yep, same thing happened to me this summer back in Boston when I was trying to get that latest release of Xenosaga. I really don't go to GameStop to socialize with their employees, the only question I ever need answered is whether a game is in stock.

I mean at least in BestBuy and other stores they ask you whether you need any help and only recommend a product if you can't decide. If there's not many people at the store, an employee who come next to me and start telling me his recommendations, and it is hard to stop the guy without being rude.

They need to be a lot less aggressive, a lot more professional, and a lot more neutral about their approach. Their used games are usually scratched like hell (unlike Newberry Comics) and I really only ever go their to browse now a days. Amazon and other online stores usually takes good care of me now.

pswi604872d ago

every time i go into my local gamestop (there is only 1 in the 4 surrounding counties where i live) the ps3 display system is either 1)always off, 2) frozen, or 3) on graw2 with nightvision on and both controllers off. it always looks as if the ps3 is broken, not to mention its right in front of the counter so you cant even play it without getting into someones way. they are xbots all the way and i hate it

socomnick4871d ago

Its not that they favor a console its that they give their honest opinion.

ruibing4871d ago

It's one thing to be giving their honest opinion, it's another to insult my decisions. I can't tell you how many times I hear "can't believe you blah blah blah this game" or "if you blah blah blah this console, you could be blah blah blah". I mean hearing this from friends are fine and I'm sure he's being honest to himself, but I really would prefer he keeps those opinions to himself or his friends. It's something between being nosy and annoying.

IPlayGames4871d ago

This is true. my manager is always bashing the ps3. when sombody is asking to buy one his fav line is "be4 u make the biggest decision of your life let me tell u about the 360". Sunday he was trying to convince a guy for at least 30min. and u can tell he was getting upset to where he was like can i just have my ps3. its so garbage and i ask him why he does its not like he gets comish. and he has no answer but sony sucks

The sad thing about is that he didnt even start playing game until Halo came out so im like how much do u really know about what makes a good game?

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shodown194872d ago

Please stop asking me about preordering this game and that game. When you ask for a game, the first thing they ask is...DO YOU HAVE IT PREORDERED? No I do not. I just want to come in, pick up my game and play and go home.

I rarely do business with Gamestop anymore due to me finding out that Blockbuster Video gives back at least 20 to sometimes 50 percent more than what Game$top would give me.

As persistent as they are with preorders, It's not hard to imagine employees making some kind of good commission off of each preorder.

LeonSKennedy4Life4872d ago

They have to get a certain amount of reserves. It's also a contest.

lonestarmt4872d ago

yup and you got to buy this stragey guide!!!!! I don't need one for tekken 5, geez.

Drano4872d ago

Some customers will just forget to mention it, they don't recognize them on first sight and they don't want to lose a sale because someone bought it off the shelves instead of his reserved copy. It's as simple as that.

Jump Beyond.

Skerj4871d ago

Preorders also determine how many units gets shipped to that store. I used to manage an EB and my assistant manager and I started entering game character names in the computer to reserve games so we'd stop getting shortchanged on stock. Funny thing is as long as we didn't use Lara Croft, no one higher up knew anything about the names.

As far as the strategy guide, they make a lot of money selling those things off as well as the Game Informer Subs, and warranty plans. Last I knew the last two got them commissions which is why they're so aggressive in trying to get you to purchase them.

IPlayGames4871d ago

1: the more the store the more games they get.

2: AAA games are normally hyped 1 or 2 months be4 and we tell u "IF U DO NOT HAVE IT RESERVED THEN U WILL NOT GET THE GAME." so i tell this to u be4 hand and then i see u release day then i will not sell u the game (go to target/Best buy)

3: getting more helps us get more promo (Shirts,toys) H3 we needed over 150 then we would have got the Red Bull girls cum during midnight release.

4 and final: sometimes we don't have any extra so if u dont have it reserved then we cant sell it to u plain and simple.

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LeonSKennedy4Life4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

Fanboyism is TERRIBLE around here.

AND I QUOTE! "The cell processor...what a joke." <That was the manager!!!

He HATES the PS3. He tried to convince everyone at the Guitar Hero III launch that FFXIII and MGS4 were announced as multi-platform just a few weeks ago. What's wrong with that guy?

EDIT: Yeah, it's just getting stupid. I'm sure somewhere there's a PS3 fanboy Gamestop's just that every one I've been to has a 360 fanboy. You do know that they were told to suggest the 360 last holiday season to every walk-in. That's not necessarily fanboyism; they just wanted to make a sale and the Wii and PS3 were scarce. It makes a lot of sense, but it's gotten to the point where, when I ask for a PS3 game, they ask me why. When I picked up Ratchet and Clank, the guy asked me if I had played Super Mario Galaxy. I was like, " just feels like Super Mario 64 though." Which, it does! He's's better than Ratchet and Clank. I was like, "No, you WANT it to be better because Ratchet and Clank is on the PS3 and you want it to fail so you can be RIGHT about something in your life. You stand there all day doing nothing for money and have the nerve to tell someone who grew up appreciating the gaming industry that their system sucks. You do it every time I'm in here. Grow up, dude! Get a life!"

I put in my application yesterday.

EDIT 2: Thanks dude...I gave you bubbles too.

lonestarmt4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

haha yeah, the one I used to go to never had the ps3 demo on. It always annoyed me, so I asked the manager one day, ( I used to buy a game there 4 times a month), he said I turned it off, because no one played it, besides who wants a ps3 anyway?? I know not every gamestop is this way, but its like when a kids goes in there with thier mom who don't much about games, these biased jerks can push thier agenda, rather than trying to get what might be best for the customer. Funny thing though I went in there a month later, and the 360 was off, and the ps3 was on, why you ask red ring of death. lol.

I have yet been to a gamestop with a working wii, They say you have to ask them to play it or otherwise they leave it off. Why??

shodown194872d ago

That was classic. Long rant about Game$top's problems and then....I put my app in.

Funny Stuff man. Have a bubble on me.

ry-guy4871d ago

Everyone in everything has an agenda, whether you like it or not.

Liky my agenda for making this post is to point out the fact that no matter how hard you try there is an agenda behind every decision and every comment.

Jack Bauer4872d ago

they should be more strict with trades... im sick of getting used games that looked like someone played hockey with it and on top of that no box or instructions!!

ReBurn4872d ago

Agreed. They should test trades to see if they'll even boot.

Drano4872d ago

Sometimes, people will just bring you back about 20 used games, that can happen five or ten times in the same day. Employees do not have time to test them all. If they can, at least, check the state the games are in (scratches, box, booklet), it's very often enough to tell you if the game is working or not. Even if the games DO boot, chances are that the bugs, if there are any, show up after a couple of minutes of gameplay or even after a couple of hours.

It sucks to have to come back and exchange a game because it's just not working but hey... it happened to all of us at least once. Don't make a fuss about it. I think you forgot that sweet and "o so true" american proverd that says "Sh*t happens". Never been so true.

Jump Beyond.

IPlayGames4871d ago

If its so jacked then i don't take but u can always bring it back within 7days.

The rate is funny we buy a new game $20-25 then sell if for 5 less then a new not my decision that what the computer prints out.