Giac Veltri of Insomniac Discusses Ratchet & Clank Future

Giac is a tools programmer at Insomniac, working primarily on disc creation and localization. Which, come final time, makes Giac a very popular man at Insomniac with common inquiries of "where is the new build" and "why isn't the game working in (insert language here)" filling his days. Giac is also a die-hard bowler.

In this dev video diary, Giac reveals how RCF's demo was made, the tension of "going gold," and how the game kept making him laugh even late in the development cycle.

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arcadegoal4877d ago

i to will laugh all the way to the end of this game because of the funny humor but i will CRY CRY CRY when its finished.

boodybandit4877d ago

but I still need one halo map. When I get that I am going to stomp the Empire in the dirt and call it a game. I am going to hang on to the game though so I can beat it again down the road.