HEXUS.gaming reviews Virtua Fighter - Xbox 360

Finally Virtua Fighter 5 arrives on Xbox 360, but was it worth the wait?

"The Pièce de résistance of Virtua Fighter 5 is the online play. It's as smooth as butter. I've been sliding into games immediately, experiencing no frame rate issues and more importantly playing in some great matches. The online mode is really where it's at and it's what sets VF5 apart from the PS3 version. Yeah, VF5 is great on the PS3, but it's incredible on Xbox 360. "

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tony4870d ago

according to this article the 360 version of this game is the one to buy. i think is not fair for the ps3 owners not to have online, but maybe virtual fighter 6, by that time,the ps3 it may have a better online network that can support this game . who knows.