Final Fantasy Being Considered for Wii U

The unveiling of the Wii U seems to have piqued the interest of Square Enix. Producer Yoshinori Kitase has stated that “after seeing Wii U revealed at Nintendo’s conference, we are now considering the possibilities of bringing the Final Fantasy series to the format.”

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Soplox3397d ago

Can the WiiU handle big games like Final Fantasy XIII?

Peaceful_Jelly3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Wii U uses a 25GB data disc and it'll be more powerful than a PS3 so in this case the game will stay the same even if it is multiplat. The main problem here is the X360 with its outdated DVD9 that forces devs to remove content from their games.

Soplox3397d ago

Wont be Blu-Ray right?
btw I didn't mean that, what I meant was if the WiiU will have the power it need to run this kind of games.

jacksonmichael3397d ago

I hope it's DS-style ports. The series is faltering.