The One-Console Future Debate Continues

GameDaily BIZ recently received an interesting letter from Ben Hoyt, Producer at Emergent Game Technologies, who took issue with the idea of a "one-console future." We were able to track down Silicon Knights President Denis Dyack for a response to Hoyt. The first point-counterpoint letters follow below, and if both Hoyt and Dyack agree to continue the debate, we will post the next set of letters as well.

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OOG FunK4872d ago

Didnt bother reading cuz... one console in a market that is booming and growing non stop every year um yea you think any of these companies want to back down and give up all that money.....Especially when they are now even offering movies and other online servies and making their systems more of a home entertainment system. There is alot more money to be made now with how many aspects that the game industry has broken to think one console is possible any day soon would jus be silly

Hapimeses4872d ago

Good article. And I pretty much agree with everything he says.

For example: if it wasn't for the Xbox and Wii, my PS3 would have cost a lot more money to buy. So, I have the multi-platform nature of the market to thank for a cheaper Play Station, and that is a good thing to my eyes.

darthv724872d ago

to make a one stop shop type of console was SNK. They decided long ago that the limits of the (then current) systems was just not enough for everyone to enjoy great games made just like the arcades. So they made their own console and touted it as the end all be all of arcade/console gaming. The neo geo is a great arcade platform but its high price for games really turned off would be purchasers. I had one of their cart systems and later sold it in favor of getting the cd version. It was a tough trade off. Quick instant access to playing games like Metal Slug or cheaper alternatives with long load times on CD. I opted for the lesser value as for the price I got for the system and 8 carts, I got the cd unit and about 15 cd's.

Shaka2K64872d ago

True true thanks microsoft marketing and the millions they paid to internet tools and gaming bloggers to spread fud and media bias againts Sony that they are doing what they are doing now Sony is being the best they have ever been and thats a good thing as a PS3/PSP/PS2 owner im glad.

KidMakeshift4872d ago

Yes, what a better world it would be to eliminate the consumers choice and options. Seriously, would you want EA to be the only game developer and publisher out there? That's what it would ultimately come down to if we eliminated the competitive market of consoles and games.

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