Empire Reviews Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - 4/5

Empire Online writes:

"There's nothing like playing the bad guy. Whether its embracing the Dark Side in a Star Wars game or baiting police in GTA, shirking the righteous path for a life of crime is the most dubious thrill a video game can offer. And in Kane & Lynch, teaming up with friends for a spot of lawbreaking is a crooked treat." More within...

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JPomper4872d ago

That was a pretty crappy review. Very little information with the words "hard to beat" at the end.

Skerj4872d ago

o_O That review was ultra short and it didn't even say much about the game, but if it plays like a team based Hitman than I am definately in moreso than I thought I was. Io's a pretty good developer with the Hitman Series and Freedom Fighters under their belt.

okcomputer4872d ago

This site's assasin's creed review sucked too. They need to go way more in depth on their reporting and spend a little more time writing.