Inevitably, the PolyStation 3

Engadget reports:

"It's not even worth busting out the KIRF numbering for, it's so predictably awful -- but say hello to the PolyStation 3, the latest and greatest console from the makers of the original PolyStation, the smash hit followup PolyStation 2, and the portable POP Station. Our video reviewer is the same charming British chap we've come to know and love from his other knock-off reviews -- let's let him handle the honors of destroying this thing, shall we?"

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mighty_douche4867d ago

still, i love that little Duel Shock!

Gamespot-equals-EGM4867d ago

Damn Sony, are you deliberately trying to confuse people? Bye Sony, I've had it with your shanigans.

Hellow green.

lawman11084867d ago

This thing looks like it will sell more units then the PS3

ruibing4867d ago

They made an imitation of the PS3 and PSP, and it's probably because people in China actually wants them, so they have a chance of fooling certain consumers who just didn't do their homework.

jackfatal4867d ago

what the hell is he doing??
take a video of opening bullshit magazine and has weird controller?
if u have time just show us a new game on a ps3!!

THESWAT4867d ago

if i saw that in like dollar store, i would sooooo buy it!!! its freakin cool man!!

ben8064867d ago

dont like the fact theres a random spoiler for bioshock in this. i want glowing signs and warning lights on when this happens.

Hydrollex4867d ago

God I'm happy that people dont talk this way in U.S

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The story is too old to be commented.