CCP: Sony Offers 'Fidelity' That Microsoft Can't for Dust 514

Bryce Wilson of RipTen: "During a Dust 514 preview event at E3 yesterday, the topic of Playstation 3 exclusivity arose…"

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SpaceSquirrel4256d ago

Dust 514 looks very good from the trailer.

jaredhart4256d ago

OOOH YEAAH! You better believe it does!

Pintheshadows4256d ago

Read about it dude. It sounds very good as well.

squallheart4256d ago

I agree. A lot of people kept saying oh another fps but i went to their website and it explained what it was trying to be and holy hell im impressed. The way they are trying to connect pc and ps3 is absolutely amazing. Eve players try to conquer galaxy's but where dust514 comes in now battles will actually take place on the planet. Its going to be breathtaking. To bad its out till 2012 i think they said December ;-;

El_Colombiano4256d ago

Summer 2012 they said. I'm excited for things like this. Sony rocks with their online policy.

TXIDarkAvenger4255d ago

Ok, I know connecting a PS3 to PC is cool n all but if your facing a PC gamer in an FPS game...ur screwed.

squallheart4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

summer 2012? wo hoo that makes it more bearable working holiday season will make time fly by. Thanks for the info bubbles for u.

BTW El colombiano, Your not facing the pc players your actually doing their bidding to fight their war. Every match will be played by ps3 players, pc players will just hire you to do their bidding. Pretty much like the trailer said your a mercenary for hire.

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CharlesDCI4256d ago

Can't wait for this game to drop. I want in the beta as soon as possible. I might try and find Eve Online players to get to know first too so I can keep contact with them.

C_Menz4256d ago

One of my most anticipated games of 2012. I played Eve for a bit but never really stuck around since it was such a huge learning curve and you are so far behind compared to others that have years of times into the game.

Although it is another FPS, CCP is an excellent developer and always has a ton of depth to their games and good quality. The game will most likely run very well, have decent graphics along with Eve's ISK/market set up(they already stated you will be buying the equipment/ships/etc you fight with in Dust) and other cool features.

Count me in.

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The story is too old to be commented.