Frozen Codebase Interview: Screwjumper, Indie Games, and XBLA Development

The first Xbox Live Arcade game from Frozen Codebase, Screwjumper, is all about explosions and moving fast. Following the exploits of rogue mine workers, the game has players diving into an open mine shaft and causing as much destruction as possible, mostly by throwing dynamite and running head-first into obstacles.

If players do enough damage during their descent, as indicated by a bar on the right side of the screen, they detonate the mine's core when they get to the bottom. If they fail, their in-game avatars are gassed to death. Assuming they are successful, they are then rocketed through the shaft at a frantic, forced to outmaneuver obstacles and the tailing explosion in a frantic race for survival.

To learn more about Frozen Codebase and Screwjumper, which is due out on Xbox Live Arcade in November and on GarageGame's at some point, Shacknews spoke with producer Ben Geisler and the energetic design director Norb Rozek.

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