Xbox 360 Games Dominate Gamefly List

Queue up the complete Gamefly Top 10 most requested list...

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richie007bond4867d ago

Well its hardly surprising isnt it,xbox 360 has the best games on any system..........

magera4867d ago

lots of cool games to look forward to over the coming weeks. Assassin`s Creed is the one i want the most.

ruibing4867d ago

Doesn't this just mean they rent instead of buy a lot of games?

wageslave4867d ago

What do you expect? The games are better, and Xbox 360 outnumbers PS3 in USA by about 4:1.

I wonder if they'll drop PS3 all together.

snoopgg4866d ago

Lets see, the 360 install base is larger, so more 360 rental should be expected. I own both and the 360 versions really are not much better and I don't think they will drop Ps3. Renting from Gameflys sucks, and they should just drop this overpriced service anyway.

Shaka2K64866d ago

So they all rent instead.
replacing your POS bomb every month thanks to RROD must be quite the bill.