Supercomputers Part 3: The Grid

In the third of a series of pieces about supercomputing, Dazed & Confused technology editor Chris Hatherill talks to CERN engineer François Grey about The Grid, a next-level internet that could turn your PS3 (or PS4?) into the most powerful computer on earth…

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lynx1halo4871d ago

Oh this is just how it starts off....A Supercomputer here and there....and B4 you know it BAMMMM!!! SKYNET IS B!TCHING US OUT AS CHEAP LABOR TO ITS ROBOT FRIENDS ...

demolitionX4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

PS3’s launching a tactical nuclear strike on the whole world and taking over. MAYDAY..MAYDAY..

CeLLNet:Fall of man, Rise of the machines!!!!!!!!!!