Slash & Poison launch Guitar Hero III in Los Angeles

Joystiq reports:

"Slash, Poison, the casts of Reaper, Chuck, and that chick with the awesome power to learn things by watching them on TV from Heroes were just a few of the celebrities who helped launch Guitar Hero III at a Best Buy in Los Angeles this past Saturday night. They also had a really awesome launch party up on the roof, which included different stations where each version of the game were set up, free food and booze (a rock and roll staple), and a concert from Poison, complete with the Burning Man-esque stage from the game.

However, proving that every rose does indeed have its thorn, the upstairs roof-raising party wasn't open to the general public. So while the masses waited below to buy their copies at midnight, the red carpet and velvet rope brigade partied upstairs on sushi, BBQ, and Red Bull. Just like the real rock and roll world..."

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