Was the Halo Effect an Illusion?

As can happen the sales data for September 2007 has been modified as more and more stores report their information. Because of this early reporting is often close but inaccurate.

It was widely reported that Xbox 360 console sales beat out the Wii in September based on massive sales of Halo 3. Now that sales numbers have settled we find that Microsoft was not able to knock the Wii off the top of the mountain.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4871d ago

That the NPD is wrong? Regardless I'm pretty sure Halo 3 was a big sales pusher for 360.

sonarus4871d ago

well i would take npd over video game chartz any day but i was suprised halo 3 helped 360 sell that much. Even if its within 5000 units its still more than enough

ItsDubC4871d ago

The chart for this article is worldwide sales. NPD covers NA sales only as far as I know.

ry-guy4871d ago

I hate hate hate how people use the VG numbers for interpretation.

This article would have so much more weight if it were based off of the NPD numbers.

Does VG even go back and fix their numbers?

ry-guy4870d ago

I'm curious how anyone can disagree with my previous comment?

If you disagree please post your reasoning. I am curious.

Unless of course you are trolling.

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power of Green 4871d ago

Vgc is pretty good but its has been off for the last month or two giving too low of numbers for the 360 and too high for PS3.

Strange I agree with #1 this has somebodies personal agenda all over it. Trust NPD.

DJ4871d ago

inflates Xbox 360 figures and deflates PS3 figures. There was a big article on this fact a while back, and it mostly relates to the fact that they rely on NPD (which only tracks North America).

THAMMER14871d ago

You used to swear by Vcharts. What happened?

DJ4871d ago

I supported VG Chartz up until around March (7 months ago) when members of this site starting informing each other that it was really just guestimating off of NPD, and applying that to worldwide figures. And whaddya know, during June a big article came out proving that VG Chartz was consistently inflating Xbox 360 sales figures and deflating PS3 sales figures.

PS3 is selling more consoles worldwide than Xbox 360, but strictly in North America the 360 has sold more units than PS3. Since VG Chartz simply uses NPD data, this makes perfect sense. It's not intentional, it's simply a flaw in how they create their numbers.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

The NPD is official. I didn't notice the VG charts logo till now, the VG charts = nonsense.

power of Green 4871d ago

The Halo effect isn't even in effect no one's started shopping for Christmas yet. And like #4 has said what is this suppose to be proving?.