Play Crysis in DX 10 Mode Under XP

Apparently a guy over at has found a way to run Crysis on "very high" settings on Windows XP and according to him and his screenshots it looks just as good as when running on DX10.

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mighty_douche4872d ago

if you want true dx10 get vista, simple as that.

DethWish4872d ago

Doesn't sound suspect to me if you read all answers to it :)

And don't get Vista it's just slow and even less secure than XP :S

mighty_douche4872d ago

i know all that but i looks nice :)

over time it will get better, as did XP.

xav09714872d ago

You may be right about it being slower but vista is definately more secure. On windows xp I would have to remove spyware all the time but on vista I have no need for spyware removal software whatsoever. I've also yet to get any viruses which I had to worry about on xp. As graphics drivers mature more on vista gaming will get better and better.

Loopy4872d ago

Please change the title.

wageslave4872d ago

Lame: (0 minutes ago)
Title is inaccurate. You cannot play Crysis in "DX10" on XP.

Report it as Lame, Bad Editing, or someother.

Antan4872d ago

This info is common knowledge allover the net! Download the 13k files to overwrite the files in the "cvargrous" folder, then edit the "sys_spec_full" config file.......changing everything to 1 (one)

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