E3 Fallout: COD and Other Vanilla Military Shooters are Getting Boring

E3 2011 is over, and one thing that we know for sure is that the vanilla military-based, such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, is getting incredibly boring.

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IronFist3456d ago

imo, Brothers in Arms is a logical step for that franchise, the name suggests that you could play as several players, so co-op totally makes sense.

gaffyh3455d ago

Looks kinda like they're copying Left4Dead, except with Nazi's. That's going from the teaser, no idea what it actually might be like.

ATiElite3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Brothers in Arms Furious 4 is nothing more than a Left 4 Dead Team Fortress 2 mass-up. I can see this coming a mile away. Luckily those are two great games to copy so this might work out very very well.

Now as far as the editor thinking Battlefield 3 was boring or just another shooter...your outta your flipping mind. The destruction kills in BF3 alone are worth the price of admission. we have yet to be shown the full scale war combat w/ vehicles but the intensity of the action in the infantry only MP is better than any other shooter ever.

and how the hell is Battlefield getting old when the last one was released 6 years ago? Dear Editor just STFU!

xc7x3455d ago

shooters need to go back to their origins of why they were fun,nowadays they just copy one another.

Solidus187-SCMilk3455d ago

FPS have been my favorite types of games since I was 7 in 1993 but I have to say that there are suddenly way too many FPS that all look and play the same.

Im excited for some awesome single player FPS(like DX3 and BS), not so much the multiplayer focused ones. I will probably just go back to playing counter strike untill I see one that looks like it hasnt been done countless times before.

Lelouch3455d ago

The fact that EA also has MOH, which is basically the same as Battlefield now makes it even worse. Because they'll make that game the same as everything else.

Pintheshadows3455d ago

I miss those days. I really enjoyed Singularity because it felt like a throwback to the story driven FPS games of yesteryear. No surprise as it came from Raven.

I'm looking to as you mentioned Deus Ex HR, Resistance 3 and Farcry 3 because they break from the endless modern war formula that is being shoved down our necks from every angle. If only developers used HL2 as a template rather than COD.

Rikan3455d ago

Halo and Half-life for me are legendary examples of just what the FPS genre can be--story/originality have been abandoned for pumping out annual titles and making as much $$$ as possible. Ever since the games industry surpassed the movie industry in revenue, seems like games have been 'hollywoodized'. Hence the pirating, as more and more gamers don't feel the majority of games are worth their hard earned duckets. Quantity over quality seems the norm. It's why I like Elderscrolls; one of a hand full of franchises that are worth the price tag.

Pintheshadows3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Putting Halo in the same sentence as HL is the only thing wrong with that post. And before you say "thats cus your a sony licker" I don't mind Halo but it's miles behind HL in every respect.

For the record I agreed with your comment.

Guess i'm just a HL fanboy :)

Rikan3455d ago

No shame in that, but it's your opinion that "halo is miles behind half-life". When I say Halo, I mean HALO CE (Thats the best of the series so far). Millions of gamers/dollars prove that. I play and love both franchises, but it certainly is not 'miles behind'. Halo CE is one of the best games ever made, and scores/sales/fans make that an indisputable fact. So, saying its miles behind was the only thing wrong with your post--but hey, agree to disagree.

Solidus187-SCMilk3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

halo 1 was a great FPS, especially for consoles.

Something that I thought was so great about halo 1 was the co-op campaign. For me, playing a great SP FPS game with a buddy was amazing, and I think that Halo 1 was the best ever co-op FPS.

If my favorite FPS(half-life 1) suddenly had a co-op mode it wouldn't necessarily be my favorite co-op FPS. Especially for its time, the Co-op campaign for halo 1 was amazing and I dont think there are many co-op campaigns in any category that approach the level of greatness that the halo 1 campaign had in co-op, not even today.

Maybe its because Ive owned so many FPS, but I am very picky aboout FPS and my games in general. name one FPS game that does campaign(single player story) in co-op as good, or even close to as good, as halo 1 and I might understand your view(only 1 I can think would be even close would be left for dead maybe).

I love a great SP FPS(my favorite type of game), and HALO 1: CE is the best campaign that can be played co-op of any FPS IMO.

C_Menz3455d ago

Once developers/publishers(since they push copying CoD) start to go back to having unique elements to their games everything will be fine again. Right now everyone wants a piece of CoD and at least to a lot of hardcore gamers we are sick of CoD so that trend may end up phasing out soon.

Not to sound like a fanboy but it is a reason why I stick by Sony since although they ended up ruining Socom 4 by catering to casual CoD fans. They also put out different shooters like Killzone(although KZ3 they casual-ized it a bit), Resistance, and next year Starhawk/Dust 514/GG's new FPS.

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