Hitman: Absolution live Demo

Hitman: Absolution exclusive gameplay.

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DrRichtofen4261d ago

Its been too long I need me some Hitman

snipermk04260d ago

same here. I'm really looking forward to this game more than anything else coming out in 2012.

darkequitus4260d ago

I will admit, the first two were too hard for me. Blood money was just right. Can't wait for this one.

just_looken4260d ago

sad i guess you like this gen haveing a virtual hand guideing you with no brain challenges on 80% of the games.

darkequitus4260d ago

wtf? Yes they were too hard on their most difficult setting,. I guess I am not a very talented gamer. A good thing I do not play for a living. Having said that demon souls was just right for me.

P.S. I had my share of ruthless games on the spectrum and C64, so I have paid my dues

malyn4260d ago

Agreed most of this gen game developers are focusing on graphics more than gameplay

CaptCalvin4260d ago

@malyn that's not the issue. The real issue is devs are beginning to try to cater more and more to the lazy/stupid gamers who for example can't even be bothered to press a button to bring up a PDA to view objectives so some started to do things like write in big bright bold letters on the walls telling you what to do like "WALK THROUGH THIS DOOR" or "SHOOT THIS GUY DERP DERP"

just_looken4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

this story makes 0 sense in the end of blood money you kill all the people at the funeral then escape only leaving your last boos/friend dina as the one who knows your alive and now its oh everyone know who you are and your running away from them? so what is this splinter cell conviction or a another pos sequal. Also how the hell do the know who 47 is unless dina told them? still he is a clone urgh this gen you better not have killed another classic.

Edit just thinking back to blood money it sounds like less ai because in blood money they will find dead bodys and contain the scene and you can just get a new costume but by the sounds of it unless you go on a rampage they wont notice anything? hmm

CoD5114260d ago

Is it impossible for someone to have discovered the bodies at the funeral? Impossible that the ex-director of the FBI had backup plans in case all went wrong (i.e leave an information dump behind or have told several people about 47's existence and what he's done)?

I don't think it's right to say the story has zero sense until we've seen it and know all the details. All of this could very well be explained in the game, perhaps Diana betrayed him to an extent? etc.

bronxsta4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

Woah, woah...hold on sec. One this demo is basically a tech demo to show off the new features. The devs already said there are tons of ways to beat it

Right now we barely know anything about this game's story. All we know is that 47 is betrayed by the Agency and that at one point in the game (this is very early in the games, according to the dev) there's manhunt for him. He has to escape and gather his resources and equipment.

We know nothing else. And the AI is worst? Really? In Blood Money, all they basically did was walk patrols, try to stop you if they were suspicous, search you, and shoot at you.

From all the previews I've read, the AI is a massive improvement. They work together and communicate, they don't automatically just try to kill you. If only guy finds a dead body and you subdue him, then you're ok, etc., etc