Super Mario Galaxy's Disc Protection Cracked

After yesterday's announcement of the new copy protection scheme deployed by Nintendo through Mario Galaxy both Team Cyclops (makers of Cyclowiz) and Wiikey have announced solutions, in addition to the already working d2ckey...

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mighty_douche4872d ago

man the decks matey!!

gotta love them pirates.

FreeMonk4872d ago

It takes ages for those guys to release updates, so WiiKey owners will have to probably buy the original because retail copy will be out months before WiiKey release the updated code!

WilliamRLBaker4872d ago

nintendo needs to start release updates to brich modded wii systems:)

Kakkoii4872d ago

That wouldn't be very fair to the people who don't use modchips for pirated games.

But merely to keep backups of there own games, and to run homebrew on there Wii.

ReBurn4872d ago

Keep backups of their own games, huh? Right. I'm sure that's what they are doing. If you take care of your games, why do you need to keep backups?

Kakkoii4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

Many people want to keep backups because they have kids who ruin the discs. That way they let the kids play with the backups, and they keep the originals stored safely away.

And also many people use modchips solely for homebrew.

Not everyone who has a modchip downloads pirated games. That is a pure FACT.

edit: Another thing to add. Having a modchip also allows you to play imports. Which would allow you to play games that only Japan gets.

ShadoWulf4872d ago

Still, modding voids your warranty and allows you to use the system in ways Nintendo didn't want you to. So, Nintendo has every right to brick your system, but they probably won't.

Update: Just look at the Apple iPhone for an example of the price of modding.

ReBurn4872d ago

The thing is that modchips violate the intellectual property rights of console manufacturers. They own the technology so they get to determine how it is used. All people buy is the right to use it, not the right to change it.

I have kids myself, and in as many years as they have been playing with my games I have not had to purchase another copy because they ruined it.

Modchips are illegal for a reason. If their use was as benevolent as you say we wouldn't have the issues we have with piracy.

Kakkoii4872d ago

Yeah, I wasn't saying it didn't void warranty. But voiding your warranty is the price a person pays to mod there Wii. Shouldn't be bricked just because other people use it to pirate games. Some people only use them for good and not evil!!!

(Although pirating of movies and games doesn't really effect the money the game industry gets very much at all. Plus it's free advertisement for them XD)

Kholinar4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

"All people buy is the right to use it, not the right to change it."

Pffft... when it's in my house I have the right to do with it what I please.

Now, nintendo doesn't have to continue to give me services, etc., but that's a different matter. But there's nothing illegal (as of yet) about modding. EULA's are not binding, and nothing else can obligate a consumer to an agreement they didn't sign at time of purchase. (Opening the box, plugging in, etc. don't count.) Breaking encryption is only recently illegal and is via a bad, awful law that does prohibit fair use in the name of intellectual property. Some of it's already been struck down as a result. The best thing that people can do is to resist that particular piece of legislation.

Anyway, not trying to be trollish, I just think the statement should have been, "All people buy is the right have it, not the right to change it and then demand updates without possibility of bricking, etc."

Stuff like this with manufacturers owning what a consumer can do with the product they bought and own is criminal in itself. Fair use, like the other poster mentioned, should be protected. Unfortunately with the current game systems we have no consumer friendly options for those with children.

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lynx1halo4872d ago

U. R. M.R. G.A.Y ...Wii=Gamecube2

ShadoWulf4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

Dude... wtf? This has nothing to do with anything.

Bubble popped.

Edit: Kakkoii.... that still has nothing to do with this article. Plus, the only way he uses that is to say that Wii is a Gamecube 2, which some people think is offensive. Of course, it's true, just like the new PS is a Playstation 3. The Wii just has a different name, similarly to how the 360 attempted to do the same.

Kakkoii4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

I'm pretty sure he's referring to that post a long time ago, showing how the SUPER MARIO GALAXY image spelled out U R MR GAY If you took each letter from the image that had a white star on it.

edit: Yeah It doesn't have anything to do with this article, he is just flaming. I was just pointing that out cause I thought you didn't know.

ChickeyCantor4872d ago

no 1halo is nothing but a Wii hater, from the start he didnt say anything new or interesting.

Shaka2K64872d ago

Its only a noltalgia fest but oh well that couldnt be bad if the game didnt look so terrible and had such pathetic gameplay.

ChickeyCantor4872d ago

gosh you are pathetic =)
having this much time bashing something and not play your PS3.....the love....o the love you have.

solar4871d ago

now dont you think thats a little overboard? :P