Crysis goes gold

Attention to the gamers with a PC good enough to play it: EA and Crytek have announced that Crysis has officially gone gold. "We are extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish with Crysis," said Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek. "We wanted to push the boundaries both visually and with open-ended, non-linear gameplay and we believe the end result delivers that vision."

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paul_war4871d ago

Great, I really enjoyed the demo & look forward to playing the rest of the game.

lawman11084871d ago

$500 dollar graphics card? and they wonder why PC gaming is dead

fermcr4871d ago

PC gaming is cheaper then consoles... games for the consoles are double the price of pc games... do your math and see witch system comes out cheaper in the end.

Antan4871d ago

$500? not seen the price of the new 8800 GT`s then?

The_Firestarter4871d ago

Don't worry he thinks he knows what he's talking about, but just showing us how stupid he is.

Obviously he doesn't know what the 8800 GT can do. It's quite a powerful little monster.

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4871d ago
gw4k4871d ago

I enjoyed the demo as well! This game is a system killer that is for sure. I have one hell of a system and can not max it out!

Quad core
2gb ram
2x8800gts 640MB

Looking forward to it and shooting down more trees!

snittolo4871d ago

Time for some multiplayer pwnage!

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