Pro Evo's fresh footballing features in footage form

Another year, another Pro Evo. PES 2008 was released last Friday for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and, while it's also available on good old PS2, there's a handful of neat additions to the much loved footie series that you'll only see if you invest in the next-gen editions.

Games Radar rounded up the four most obvious improvements for your viewing pleasure. And, while alone they won't exactly reinvent the game, together these new features open up brand new options for play, building on Pro Evolution Soccer's strength of fluid and ever-changing football.

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Cat4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

and the award for most terrible alliteration goes to...Ben Richardson of GamesRadar!

great game, though, yay!

gololo4872d ago

squallsoft, it's boring for the untrained eye....fortunately there are 3+ billions that know and understand this beautiful sport! I am assuming you are from the US...but if you are not then you know that every single kid grows up kicking every single object that resembles a ball, or could be used like one...for americans kids this equivalent to playing baseball in the park or football (which i don't know why is called that way since 85% the ball is carried by hand)...I remember from my childhood in Colombia I used to play football (soccer) every single day, and if there was no ball, me and my friends could use a simple squashed coke can to kick around and play. Dude, 3+ billions can't be wrong, football (soccer) is one the most intense and strategic sports...just look how many people follow the World Cup...the numbers of viewers are in the billions, and this has happened since the beginning (in 1950, world cup final Brazil vs Uruguay filled the stadium with 200,000+ people)...FOOTBALL IS SIMPLY THE BEST SPORT OF THE PLANET and will remain this way till the end of humanity!!!

Cat4871d ago

exactly, gololo, any kid can play soccer. all you need is a ball, and as you illustrated even that is negotiable! i'd go so far as to say it's a heck of a lot more spectator-friendly than american football, too.

nanometric4871d ago

Sorry, I like playing soccer, but I don't like watching it!

season0074871d ago

having a pair of legs and any kickable obstacle , you can enjoy soccer

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