Family timer feature coming to Xbox 360 games

Like any good parent, you'd like to have some kind of control over how long your children play games on the Xbox 360. While the console does have parental controls that allow you to say what kind of rated games and movies your kids can watch, a new family timer feature is rolling out on Xbox 360 titles.

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OOG FunK4871d ago

sweet stop the madness of little kids online screaming wooo!!!!

SharpeNoir4871d ago

because the more time kids are sitting at home quietly on an their xbox the less time they're out looting and stabbing people lol. Well in all seriousness I used to hate it when I was told to get off the N64 or ps1 back in the day, buts its probably a good thing, encouraging the youngsters to be more active and go to bed early on school nights... but saying that I had some good times staying up late with the volume low playing into the early hours while your parents think your asleep!

socomnick4871d ago

yes stop the children from being on xbox live.
Children = scum of the earth - lol jk I just hate the kids on Xbox live.

Primetimebt4871d ago

There are little kids that play XBOX live?