Doritos Xbox Live Arcade betas available

Doritos has already announced the five finalists in their Doritos Unlock Xbox game development contest. The finalists were chosen for their beta creations of games that promote the chip snack brand. Now the contest's official web site has beta versions of all five finalists for anyone to download and play (the betas are browser based Shockwave games). People can vote for their favorites by November 18. The winner gets his game created as a full fledged Xbox Live Arcade title.

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razer4877d ago

would I waste my time with this again when there are so many great REAL games out??

Farkin Xbox 360 is turning into one big commericial crap whole! Starts to really turn off users when every time you turn around there is some new "nickel and dime" service or advertisment gimmick being shoved in your face.

I feel it's less about "how can you improve the experience for gamers" and more about "how can we suck a few more dollars from these people".

Twizlex4877d ago

Who cares? It's going to be free, isn't it? I'm pretty sure that's how they sneak their advertising into your face - a free game. Even if it sucks, is still free. They're not sucking money away from us.

If it does end up costing money, then yes, you are totally right. I'll give you an "agree" just in case.

wageslave4877d ago

Bitter much? It will surely be a free game when finished. Half the fun here is that the community gets to pick which title that gets delivered.

And, a member of the community gets to have designed a game. Its all in good fun, and better than the normal mass-marketing that these companies usually undertake.

I'd prefer they sponsor projects like this than to be putting up billboards all along the highway. There, I cant turn it off, here I can.

ry-guy4877d ago

You're right. A free game is meant to be an advertisment in your face.

One word: Yaris.

RelloC4877d ago

Yaris was a Toyota add not an intelligent individual trying to get his name out there in the form of a contest. notice i said contest and not advertisement.