Platinum Games Says They’re Not Making Metal Gear Solid Rising

Kotaku writes "Atsushi Inaba, a producer at Platinum Games, denied today that his studio is working on the next big Metal Gear, despite some whispers to the contrary."

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keith-ps33700d ago

yea i dont get it? i tho it looked sick was hoping it to be like kill bill or sum gangsta shit

Deadman_Senji3700d ago

The game still looks alright in my book. We'll see...

RyuDrinksTheDew3700d ago

still super excited about this title.

looks ridiculous.

ScubaSteve13700d ago

so Kojima Productions aren't making it
Platinum Games aren't making it then who is


Wait, did Kojima Production ever confirmed they aren't making it? Serious question! I think I missed that...

ScubaSteve13700d ago

its been confirmed awhile ago, they are letting someone else make it


Do you have a link?

The official Kojima Production site still have it...

On the left is the "Line up" guide, click in "Metal Gear series" and a list will appear, the second game is Rising.

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The story is too old to be commented.