Third Blue Dragon DLC Named and Dated

Since the game's release, "Blue Dragon" has been enchanting RPG fans with its classic story of adventure and excitement. As many have successfully completed the retail story arc of the game, Microsoft Games Studios, wanted to be sure everyone was aware of the multiple downloadable content packages available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

keep your eyes peeled for the third DLC pack – "Shuffled Dungeon" which will be made available on 16th November for 400 Microsoft Points.

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wageslave4877d ago

There wasnt a better JRPG written this year IMHO. Famitsu gave it a great review, but the Western reviewers gave it Pretty Good reviews.

7.8 / 10 on Metacritic

Its a very solid, approachable and innovative game. Good story, great art direction and innovative features.

For me, this DLC is worth it at any price.

predator4877d ago

it is a great game,looking forward to lost odd