AnandTech Review: GeForce 8800 GT: The Only Card That Matters

AnandTech says that NVIDIA has invalidated the existance, not only of AMD's hardware, but of much of their own line up with the release of GeForce 8800 GT:

"It's really not often that we have the pleasure to review a product so impressively positioned. The 8800 GT is a terrific part, and it is hitting the street at a terrific price (provided NVIDIA's history of properly projecting street prices continues). The performance advantage and price utterly destroyed our perception of the GPU landscape. We liked the value of the 8800 GTS 320, and we were impressed when NVIDIA decided to go that route, providing such a high performance card for so little money. Upping the ante even more this time around really caught us off guard.

This launch really has the potential to introduce a card that could leave the same lasting impression on the computer industry that the Ti4200 left all those years ago. This kind of inflection point doesn't come along every year, or even every generation. But when architecture, process enhancements, and design decisions line up just right, the potential for a revolutionary product is high. Maybe our expectations were lowered due to the lack luster performance of the 8600 and 2600 series of cards, as well as the lack of true midrange cards priced between $200 and $250. Even without the sad state of the low end and lack of a midrange part, the 8800 GT is a great option."

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Torch4877d ago

after no more than a few weeks of dishing $319 for a lower-performing, and now more expensive 8800GTS.

And the kicker is that my new system is still sitting untouched in the box because I haven't had even the slightest time to migrate PC's.

...Damn you, Instant Gratification....DAMN YOU!!!


Cube4877d ago

Its not that much slower, also you can overclock your card with ntune.

nekon4877d ago

Sorry but you should have known this card was so close to release. It's tough but it's nobody's fault but your own. I've been sitting on my 7900GT KO waiting to see what this cards got. Oh and FYI, they're updating the GTS shortly too. Sorry pal.

Golem4877d ago

I wouldn't be too sad about it, if you wanted to go for this card you would have most likely had to upgrade your motherboard as well as this card runs on PCIe 2.0 slots.

Grinchy4877d ago

As much as I like pc's this is why I prefer consoles.

Charlie26884877d ago

WOW a card THAT good SO F-ING cheap! O.o

skagrerrrr4877d ago

Sweetspot g80 gpu if you plan to get a g80 class gpu this holiday season!

snoop_dizzle4877d ago

i have a amd athlon 64 x2 3800 with 2 gigs of ddr ram @2.00 ghz(running xp not vista). since it is cheap i might think of getting this. I might also think of upgrading the ram to 4 gigs.

what could i play?

Grinchy4877d ago

1. tomb raider 1
2. Half Life 1
3. Morrowind.

In all seriousness, the card will probably run everything up to date. The rest of the system dunno. Maybe worth upgrading the whole system rather than just ram although I would imagine 4gigs would be sweet!

mighty_douche4877d ago

with this card you shouldnt have any trouble running anything apart from crysis (that game is a c*nt).

with regards to getting 4 gig, which OS do you run 32 or 64 bit? as 32 bit only uses a maximum of 2 gig, your other 2 will just sit there idle. best bet is find out what your motherboard support, eg, if its DDR2 you maybe able to use 2 gig of 800mhz, which is more than enough really and can be bought for just around £50!

KeiZka4877d ago

a 32bit OS can use 3gigs of ram, and a bit over, but that's the limit. For more, it's time to up the ante with a 64bit OS.

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