2 Minutes of Hitman Absolution Gameplay

The next installment of the highly popular Hitman series doesn’t fail to impress.

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Dart893457d ago

Great now give us a hd collection and i'll buy it.

Active Reload3456d ago

HD collections seem to be a no brainer now. Anyway, Meatflag FTW!

aCasualGamer3456d ago

This looks very promising!

Hopefully it will be out by 2012.

Very much liked the part where he held someone hostage and all the cops were hesitant to fire.

LastDance3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

I thought he was a hitman? ... why am I watching Splinter cell video

Edit: Oh...I get it..its a joke like - how crap was Splinter cell conviction, we can make it look better with some bald guy? right?

captain-obvious3456d ago

i hope its like blood money
and i hope it has gun customization too

just like blood money lol

Ducky3456d ago

Dual ACOG-equipped laser-sighted supressed ballers with extended clips on each?

Hell yea.

PRHB HYBRiiD3456d ago

lighting looks glad the gameplay looks just like blood money don't change it

FAGOL3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Wait a minute. Where's the iconic red tie?

Edit: After watching it again it looks like a dark red tie. Maybe somthing to do with lighting.

xPhearR3dx3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

It's still there.....

EDIT: Yea I think due to the dark environments and actual good lighting in a Hitman game, it's not always bright ass red lol

The game looks fantastic so far. Can't wait for this.

nopunctuation3456d ago

I think his face has been modeled after his movie counterpart a little bit more, which is terrible because that movie sucked and he looked nothing like 47. Stick with making him look like the voice actor like youve been doing.

DrRichtofen3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Did you notice at the end his whole tie seems to be glued to his shirt except for the very tip of it? lol its nothing major I just thought it looked wierd.

andron3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

If you look closer there is a tie clip holding it in place. The low quality of the move makes it hard to see unless you go 720p and full screen.

Edit: It makes sense too, since the tie would be in the way and hinder his actions if it wasn't fastened...

Convas3457d ago

Obvious Hitman newb is OBVIOUS.

Sunhammer3456d ago

Don't even try to compare this to that garbage. Hitman started everything Splinter Cell had to offer so please.

hassi943456d ago

He's trolling. He's trying to say it's a dumbed down Hitman like (he thinks) conviction is to splinter cell.

Shane Kim3456d ago

Hitman started what? Have you even played the first Hitman? It's nothing like any SC game.

perfectCarbonara3456d ago

What is this, 1995 ? that we cant have a character actually grab an object ?

It's gotta magically disappear then re-appear in his hand ?

CoD5113456d ago

Not as if it's pre-alpha either, eh?

SuperLupe3456d ago

Hope so, either than that its looking good.

BLAKHOODe3456d ago

Keep in mind, this game could be a ways off before it's actually released. They haven't announced a release date yet -- a lot could (and probably will) change.

I'm figuring we won't see it hit stores till Spring 2012.


Thats one of he most nit picky things ive ever heard about a game.....

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The story is too old to be commented.