Sears Black Friday ad reveals two new DS Lites

The annual pre-"Black Friday" bargain hunting has started among predatory shoppers, and sears already reaping the benefits of shoppers' insane vigilance. This detail from a Sears ad has revealed two new DS hardware configurations. DS Fanboy already knew of the gold Phantom Hourglass box, but this is the firmest confirmation we've seen from an actual retailer.

More interesting is the reveal of a metallic pink Nintendogs: Best Friends Edition bundle for $149.99. DS Fanboy does not know if this is a Sears exclusive, but the little ad clipping makes no mention of exclusivity. We doubt it, since one of the intrepid commenters hinted at exactly this hardware for GameStop as well. A new hardware bundle for a two-year-old game? Seems ludicrous on the outset, but it'll probably sell a (few million) bundle(s).

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Azures4867d ago

All other Zelda DSs look like crap next to that one with the Hyrule Shield and lights on it.

Darkiewonder4867d ago

Black Friday Sales <3

Guess it's time for me to get a new DS lite and a PSP! Hopefully they won't be sold out [Most likely yes]