New LEGO Batman Characters Revealed

IGN: "During last Friday's Wii LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga public unveiling at Nottingham Game City, Jonathan Smith, head of production at Traveller's Tales Games let slip a few tidbits of information regarding upcoming title LEGO Batman".

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Mr PS34869d ago

No there not the sounds you hear in a good old Batman punch up they are the noises of that god awful xbox KABOOM !!

eLiNeS4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

and welcome to my ignore list you bubbless chump!

This game will rock!

ShadoWulf4869d ago

...will you ever learn?

malingenie4869d ago

Robin looks as gay as ever

QUNE4869d ago

"The plane!"
"The plane!"

lynx1halo4869d ago

I actually enjoyed the lego star wars franchises...and that style of gameplay..PLUS BATMAN...YOU CAN COUNT ME IN!!!

magera4869d ago

yeh count me in aswell! these games are always so much fun. i thought the next lego game was gonna be indiana jones though.

sajj3164869d ago

Batman + LEGO = must buy. The Star wars games were fun. I think they'll expand to more LEGO games. LEGO Indiana Jones. LEGO Lord of the Rings. Would be interesting.

ShadoWulf4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

They'd have to make a LOtR Lego line first before they could make the game, wouldn't they?

Not saying that wouldn't be awesome. I would go buy those sets :P