$2,000 Yellow PS3 Is 2X Faster Than Normal PS3

An auction is currently up on eBay for a Sony PS3 console which is being sold to users as being two times faster than the original PS3 console.

This is a very interesting and unique PS3 console to say the least and one which has garnered quite a bit of attention up on eBay.

The PS3 being sold is yellow in color and comes with a 200GB 7200RPM hard drive packed into it under its bright yellow hood.

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predator4873d ago

damit, i was just about to post this, had to wait cos of limit

SlappyMcTaint4873d ago

fvcking moron that thinks this PS3 is twice as fast?!?! Probably the same kind of person that thinks bright stickers and a big wing make your Honda waay fast4r!!

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kornbeaner4873d ago

What exactly makes it faster???

If it's meant to be better then a normal PS3 then maybe it's a devkit.???

Can somebody find out exactly what makes it better.