GeForce 8800GT released today

In addition to 112 stream processors-each individually clocked at 1. 5GHz-and a 256-bit memory interface running at a blazing-fast 900MHz, the GeForce 8800 GT is designed for the new PCI Express 2.0 bus standard and is backwards compatible with the original PCI Express standard.

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mighty_douche4871d ago

bit of a kick in the nuts for anyone who bought the 8800GTS... like me :(

this is all become a bit strange to me, crysis released and nvidias new card released, to be honest i wouldnt be completely surprised if cryteck havent optimized this game fully deliberatly to try and sell more high end gpus! bastards...

skagrerrrr4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

2x 8800GTs in SLI mode would be blazing fast & a lot cheaper than 2x 8800GTXs!

a great option if you want to run crysis and haven't yet upgraded to a g80 gpu.

mighty_douche4871d ago

but 2 GT's in sli would offer probably the same performance as a single GTX, which is still the better option as you only require 1 pci slot, sli uses huge watts and also is very load and hot running.

still its dx10 for a low price and should run things like UT3 and CoD4 on max no worries. crysis? well you struggle with sli GTX at high res, i know, ive tried it!

verified4871d ago

more like close to on par performance with the GTX. for about half the price.

JasonXE4871d ago

pci express 2.0 makes a difference compared to pci 16?