Guitar, Interrupted: A Guide to Guitar Compatibility

1UP: "The fact that the Guitar Hero III controller works in Rock Band but not vice versa is very strange and something we're going to be looking into for you guys, but while we start asking some questions, here's the most to-to-date guide on which guitars are compatible with what".

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Torch4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

This article precisely addresses what I've been trying to get an answer for for months now.

Good to know that the GHIII guitar is compatible with RB, because it helps justify my GH purchase from yesterday, which I was a little worried about. I was debating whether I should have waited for the RB box, and eventually buy only GH game (sans Les Paul) and risk trying to use the RB peripheral with it.

But now that it's more clear that the RB guitar won't work with GH, that becomes a non-issue.

Now it's just a matter of swooping up the RB compilation box later this month, and I'm fully loaded and set to live vicariously via my PS3, and fantasize about what "could have been."

Sorry, gotta go now...An important customer of mine is screaming for me from his stall. Aw, man...I may have forgotten to reload the toilet paper dispenser again. There goes that gratuity. ;)