Carmack says gamers couldn’t believe RAGE looked so good on PS3, checked under the Kiosks

RAGE is undoubtedly one of the biggest releases of 2011 and with id Software creating it, gamers have very high expectations from the title. John Carmack has revealed something which is bound to instill some confidence in PS3 gamers’ minds.

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JsonHenry4487d ago

The Carmack doesn't disappoint with his new engines.

darthv724487d ago

pushing ps3 and 360 to the outer limits. Sony was right. There is still some room for growth under the hood.

I expect this game to inspire the next dev to try and top it.

ikkokucrisis4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

I really wish he was the chief technical officer for an entire console platform vs a single game company. Think of the advancements every developer could make if he was there to guide all of them with sound coding/scripting guidelines.

Shaman4487d ago

He is not a chief of technical director of any console manufacturer(or GPU one for that matter) but he is the man Ati and Nvidia ask when they are thinking about new architectures.

pixelsword4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

"High compliment from E3 – people looking under the kiosks to verify that they were actually playing Rage on a PS3 and not a high end PC."


*removes $60 from wallet*

dabri54487d ago

Carmack, is a genius. Read the biography about him. This is what he does. The only thing. He pretty much codes entire engines himself. His mind thinks like a computer. Though his social skills definitely are lacking.

Saw Rage at pax. Best looking console game (graphically) I've seen bar none. Better than any PS3 exclusive. You have to see the game running in front of you to actually appreciate everything that is going on.

Lifendz4487d ago

Well, that basically confirms which system I'll be getting it for. I really had a feeling that this game was going to have problems on the PS3. Glad I was wrong. 1 disc and impressive visuals, all I need now are some review scores.

paintsville4487d ago

Yeah but lets see how it performs. Frames per Second, SSAO, shadows, and anti-aliasing as comparted to XBOX. Historically XBOX wins.

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Jamzluminati4487d ago ShowReplies(19)
Shaman4487d ago

And all that at mighty 60fps...

Undeadwolfy4487d ago

Wow its at 60fps on consoles? Amazing

solar4487d ago

did they say at what resolution? just curious.

Shaman4487d ago

Yea,I think a year ago they said native 720p.Its actually pretty amazing that they are demoing and showing game on 360/PS3.Game that alot of press thinks its best looking game out there,is 60fps and at the same time its showed on consoles everywhere.Gamespot thought it was PC footage when they demoed it.Man...Carmack is genius...

Gamer_Z4487d ago

Thats awesome! Im looking foward to playing Rage

@pixelsword Lol..

theonlylolking4487d ago

From what I have seen Rage's graphics look worse than MW2's.

jrbeerman114487d ago


HA! try harder next time, trolls these days lack effort.

AyeGee4487d ago

Right? Quite a "Duh" moment, don't you think?

Mr Tretton4487d ago

um, wouldn't they know it's PS3 by the Dualshock in their hands? lol

aGameDeveloper4487d ago

There are drivers out there that allow a dualshock on the PC.

showtimefolks4487d ago

i don't know why but i wish this game had some rpg elements and the looting system like borderlands

but for what it is i hope it has a above average story.

rage and resistance 3 in september

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MinusTheBear4487d ago

I'm still worried about how the guns handle. From all the gameplay videos I've seen, it doesn't look right.

waltyftm4487d ago

How are they supposed to handle, like COD or Killzone or maybe Half Life ?.

psb4487d ago

that's something good to hear. The PS3's undoubtedly a powerful console but I highly doubt people would compare the visuals it delivers with a high-end PC.

fluffydelusions4487d ago

I see what you are getting at but I don't know... GOWIII, Uncharted 2/3, Heavy Rain just to name a few would make me question what platform they were running on if I didn't know any better.

cogniveritas4487d ago

In terms of comparing the PS3 to PCs, people take the terms "inferior" and "superior" too far to heart. Sure a capable PC can always win, but when labeling the PS3 as inferior it exaggerates the wrong idea into some people's heads so much that they are surprised when they see it's less detailed but not that bad at all if you're looking to just play.

soundslike4487d ago

Limitations breed innovations. Sure an indie dev might support 16xAA on a pc game, but it might take massively higher requirements to look GOOD (not "smooth" not "clean" but subjectively "good") compared to a company with a bigger budget and more specific goals, OR a console game made to be optimized in addition to having a clear vision for art direction.

Metro doesn't just look good because its on PC, it looks good because there's a vision to it, AND it has the power of the pc. People think the two are correlated and they are not.

Atmosphere+Art Style+ Optimization will always be greater than just straight up hardware.

pixelsword4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

@ soundslike:

You get bubbles for that under well said. When Nintendo knew that they couldn't make StarFox work with their current architecture, they added a chip to their cartridge to do the math calculations.

There is no such thing as a limit when it comes to a determined man.

godsinhisheaven4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

Will this be proven to be another Crytek-ish bullcrap?

jony_dols4487d ago

Crytek are devs who have a history of making good games with great graphics.

iD have a history of making great games with great graphics.

I've got the feeling that Rage (on any platform) will be great.