Kotaku Eyes-On With Capcom's Art Book

"Popped into Sydney's Kinokuniya book store over the weekend, and managed to pick up a copy of Udon's Art of Capcom. Well worth the AUD$60 I parted with. It's chock-full of rad sketches, comic covers and other art from the Capcom universe, the whole thing only let down by the fact that because Udon only really handle Capcom's comic adaptations, the thing's 60% Street Fighter, 30% DarkStalkers. "Other" franchises like Devil May Cry, Resident Evil and Megaman thus get minimal representation. Still. Who doesn't love Street Fighter?" -Kotaku

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Skerj4877d ago

Picking that up, I already have All About Capcom, All About SNK, and my hardbound StreetFighter Eternal should be here next week.