Current European Best Sellers

Link's latest Legend of Zelda adventure for Nintendo DS debuts at No1 in Spain and Germany, and at No2 in Sweden.

FIFA 08 makes three entries in the Spanish chart and two in the German top ten. In Sweden, Football Manager for PC tops the league.

While PC titles dominate the German and Swedish top tens, the Spanish chart has a distinctly console, specifically DS, flavor.

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shmee4872d ago

Although i approved this

THIS was last week's charts

LATEST CHARTS havent been uploaded today

Rama262854872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

How does this get approved each week as "European"?? lol Usually it's just Germany and Spain, but this week they've included Sweden - that's hardly Europe! I know the site's headline says 'European' and you're meant to copy it, but it's just wrong.

EDIT: Thanks Baba1906, at least you understood me :) What I'm trying to say is that the title is completely misleading as it only lists three European countries.

Ivalice4872d ago

"Sweden - that's hardly Europe" Are you for real?

Baba19064872d ago

he doesnt mean sweden isnt in eruope, he means europe is more than 3 countrys. but well......