VGrevolution: Modern Warfare 3 Impressions

VGR: "Earlier today at E3 we had a chance to see the latest in the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare 3, in action. In our session we got to see two levels. The first was the water assault stage we saw in during the Xbox Media Briefing. Though seeing it on a more normal, yet still insanely large, screen did give me a better feel of the level’s graphics. For the most part the game looks great, though there is still some short comings. For instance, the water texture and transitions still look off."

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fei-hung2741d ago

When will people realise this game is utter shite just like the previous iteration named Black ops or the one prior to that named MW2.

You settle for crap and those crafty rich folk will be more than happy to feed you expensive crap for the rest of your life.