PS3 Blu-ray Movie Interface Revealed

An image showing off the PlayStation 3's Blu-ray navigation interface has surfaced, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the PS3's inner workings.

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Fraggerock5880d ago

this was posted yesterday on news4gamers

there's more pics of the gui here:

andy capps5880d ago

I think that's fake. Look at the angle of the supposed interface, compared with the angle of the tv relative to the camera. Looks like a bad photoshop to me.

Nodoze5880d ago

Wow I certainly hope that is not the final interface, as it looks like complete a$$ (kind of like the PSP menu for PS3).

Sony really needs to spruce up the interface for the PS3 with a next gen feel. The 360 OS/Menu systems is light years beyond what was shown for sony in plain white text with a blue background.