Square-Enix at E3 2011: A Recap of their Big Announcements

GPT: "Square-Enix is a company that has always been at the center of attention for many gamers. The recent acquisition of Eidos has added a fairly large amount of titles to their line-up. This year at E3 they showcased some huge games that attracted much attention."

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vgn242740d ago

What big announcements?

vsr2740d ago

FFXIII - 2 before FFV13 is a total BS and Bad decision !

kennykramer2740d ago

Here's hoping for some bigger news at TGS.

Spenok2740d ago

I agree, I feel that's where we will get some proper vs xiii coverage.

jonlynch2740d ago

Complete letdown... just like the rest of the E3 show from everyone else.

2740d ago
jphelps802740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Everyone's acting like SE didn't announce anything. Last time I checked Tomb Raider, kane & Lynch, Final Fantasy and the rest of the Square Enix franchises move a lot of units.

edit* Really amazing that everyone on here loved SE when they thought FF was a Sony franchise. Now that SE fully supports other platforms (AGAIN), suddenly they suck? Gimme a break.

limewax2740d ago

They do, however you are NOT allowed to believe such things as this is N4G and SE managed to show off a really great looking Tomb Raider and correct a lot of the issue with FFXIII ready for its sequel.

Here at N4G thats going to cost you, your not allowed to try and listen to the complaints we all posted back in march and correct them without being slandered yet again. Even this will likely cost me a bubble now lol

Myze2740d ago

While I am too cautious of past Squenix failures to be overly optimistic about FFXIII-2, I will keep an eye on it. I agree that Tomb Raider looked pretty good.

That being said, I see nothing wrong with speaking bad about Squenix, as they have deserved it for years now. No FFvsXIII was very annoying, which they know is the title most people are interested in, but I guess (would hope) they are saving it for TGS. The problem is that some people are still strong-willed Squenix apologists when the company definitely doesn't deserve it, and never has since the merging of Squaresoft and Enix.

limewax2740d ago

I agree, SE have completely earned a lot hatred over the years, mainly the jumps from 6-7 and 9-10 I find was when they distanced most people, I just find a lot of people on N4G tend to give very pointless reasons for their dislike, Often not even researching game releases to draw experience from.

Same though I am not expecting the FF game I really want with XIII-2, but I feel its at least worth following with these updates. Plus those moogles seem to be pulled out of the much older FF games, Little touches like this are what have me watching it personally

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