GamePron E3 Video interview: Dan Hay (Far Cry 3)

GamePron: One of the big surprises from this year’s E3 expo appeared out of nowhere at Ubisoft‘s pre-Expo conference on Monday. Somehow, the guys at Ubisoft Montreal have managed to keep Far Cry 3 tightly under wraps, which meant our first glimpse at the game was something very beautiful, very intense, and very, very Far Cry.

We managed to grab the game’s producer, Dan Hay, and ask him a few questions about just what’s in store for gamers with Far Cry 3

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sonicsidewinder2691d ago

Bit of a semi-arkward interview.

But yeah, when i first saw it i was like WAHHH!!
Would have topped it off it was Jack Carver returned.

Far Cry ftw.