Lots of New Silent Hill Haunting E3

According to Konami, lots of new Silent Hill titles can be expected in the future. Konami announced at E3 that the long anticipated title, Silent Hill: Downpour, along with a Silent Hill HD Collection, and Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the PlayStation Vita are all on their way.

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rmoar2691d ago

Silent Hill HD? Drool.

sinncross2691d ago

Silent Hill Book of Memories could be interesting with the co-op angle. I just hope it does not become some shooter fest

TheFodi2690d ago

The article implied that you would have to work together, so hopefully there's more to it than just shooting.

Alos882690d ago

Coop puzzles? I'd love to see that, though I'd prefer if you could still get through the game just playing by yourself too.

stuntman_mike2690d ago

that sounds like a tantalizing deal i love the silent hill games.