Epic was ready to scrap Gears multiplayer

Speaking to XLeague.TV back at Games Convention 2007, Mike Capps revealed that he was so unhappy with the multiplayer element of Gears of War that it was very close to being pulled from the game.

"I was going to cut multiplayer from Gears because I thought it wasn't coming together fast enough, right," said Capps. "The day before E3 I'm like 'no guys, it's not pulling together'. And they made it, they pulled it together, and then we won every award."

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BloodySinner4867d ago

Gears of War online is awesome. I can't believe they wanted to scrap it.

goodganja4867d ago

If Gears wasnt online, Gamespot would still have scored the game 9/10, 10/10.

What a biased website.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

iceice1234867d ago

Your ass is still sore over that? Oh and idiot, multiplayer doesn't make a game anyway. :)

BloodySinner4867d ago

Yeah, because it's awesome. Bioshock didn't have online play, yet still got high scores. Why? Because it's awesome as well.

W A I T B 3 Y O N D

Witty Comment4867d ago

but if you're complaining about something being biased, and your avatar is like yours, and you sign every post "P L A Y B 3 Y O N D", then it would seem you're only contributing toward the problem of something being biased.

Sam Fisher4867d ago

the multiplayer was fun except 4 the hosting, crab walk, gernade hitting all the time, dive and shoot (automatic kill i might add), chainsaw detonation explosion kill glitch....(-_-) but other than than that its 1 hell of a game... o and its NOT the best game...*cough* Mass Effect is....

wageslave4867d ago

The METACRITIC score of Gears of War is 9.4 / 10

That is higher than any other PS3 exclusive, not R&C (9.0), Resistence (8.6), Warhawk (8.4) or Motorstorm (8.2).

The *AVERAGE* score for Gears of War exceeds any PS3 exclusive. Who caers if your sore over one review? Wants some cheese with your whine?

andy0014867d ago

I am so happy that you rely on Metacritic so much to determine your preferences. It would be really hard work for you if you had to make your own mind up.

Its a good job they had all those mountain dew Halo commercials, otherwise you might have died of thirst by now.

I like Gears BTW. Really cool game, and it surpasses any other similar game on the 360, especially co-op. In fact, it was the first game I have ever played within which I preferred co-op to the usual deathmatch stuff.

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cow moolester4867d ago

Oh but I'm sure if they gave all Ps3 games glowing reviews then they would be a brilliant site...grow up seriously...your sticking up for a 6kg piece of silicon, plastic and metal

Regret4867d ago

Still best game on x360 :)

TheMART4867d ago

Go away... If Gears didn't have the multiplayer, the most awesome gaming experience ever wouldn't have been given to me! This is the multiplayer game I play the most. It's so much fun, the 'new' maps (already 6 months old but for those that didn't buy them they're free since the beginning of september) are great!

I have to see a game that defeats this game in the multiplayer. In my opinion, I like this even better then Halo 3 multiplayer, but thats just what one prefers cover or not, jumping or not, megafast action or normal speed etc.!

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