Beyond Good & Evil PSN Price Adjusted

TSA Writes: "There were a few shocked faces this week when Beyond Good & Evil HD was released at a price of £12 on the PSN. No one knew why a game costing about £7 on the Xbox would vary so drastically on the PS3.

Well it seems it was an error, as the EU PlayStation Twitter account has just confirmed."

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fluffydelusions2687d ago

Where is it in the US store?

RustInPeace2687d ago

Not there yet. It will probably go up either next store update (next tuesday) or possibly sooner with a second update in 1 week (like last week).

Kakihara2687d ago

Glad I read this, I was gonna pay the original price and think myself lucky. I never played this game but always wanted to, from the demo alone it seems like it's everything I thought it would be. Even if the gameplay gets boring or frustrating or something, just the world it's set in and the art design would make it worth it to me. It's probably a sad sign but I'm more excited to be picking this up later tonight than I have been for any current gen games in a while.

Venox20082687d ago

are you kiddin'? boring..? noooooo, it's a great game, I finished it 3 times :) one of the best games! :)

Grey Fox 922687d ago

I want my 4 euros back. Where could I address my angry e-mails?